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My Diabetes Story

While this post will be about my diabetes story, I want you to think about how it applies to you.  Ask yourself this question, “Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

  • Formerly obese
  • Formerly drug & insulin dependent
  • Since 2009 normal weight, truly normal blood sugars, drug and insulin free.


At diagnosis in 2009 I was an obese, chronically sick, out-of-control diabetic. Since 2009 I have been normal weight, rarely sick and I maintain truly normal blood sugars.  My “diabetes story’  has been documented numerous times here’s another longer version, “My Diabetes Story“.   More links at the end of this article.


Above is a “Before and After” photo, that pretty much sums up my story, below you will see the health results of my diabetes management regimen. Simply refuse to eat those foods (and drinks) that raise inflammation and spike your blood sugars.


Normal Blood Sugars are THE Key

To optimize life and … living, you need to obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars.

You can’t do that unless you test your blood sugars regularly.  Trying to maintain normal blood sugars without a blood sugar or blood glucose meter is like trying to drive a car at night  without the lights on…. very dangerous.


Summary of my Diabetes Story

To summarize my story, I was an obese, chronically sick person when my doctor’s office called an ambulance to rush me to the hospital.

I exited the hospital a broken person. My journey began on diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension
drugs as well as taking 4 insulin shots per day just to survive.

But within a couple of weeks, things began to change,  and within a few months, I WAS A NEW PERSON!

Check out my “before and after” ailment chart below to see the results I received with my diabetes treatment regimen.

Ailment Before After
Obese 235 lbs 157 lbs
Diabetes – HighBlood Sugar 740 mg/dl the day of diagnosis Now I have normal fasting levels, less than 100 mg/dl
Insulin 4 shots per day -0- Insulin Shots
Blood Sugar Drugid Actos -0- Diabetes Drugs
Hypertension 150/90 “average” now is 112/67
Cholesterol “High” Optimum / Protective
Bronchitis & Asthma multiple yearly bouts lungs have been clear, as of this writing for 6 years and 11 months.  Yes I’m counting.
Plantar Fasciitis Always wore shoes Rarely wear shoes except for running on streets. I sprint barefooted and never wear shoes in or around the house.
Lower Back Pain Multiple Yearly Flare Ups It’s been years since I last experienced a ‘flare up’.
Acid Reflux &
Weekly Flare Ups No Reoccurrence in 19 months (since March ’09)
Lethargy low energy level Ketosis provides me with a seemingly steady energy level and I believe it aids in my post workout recovery time.

More Links 

My First Year with Diabetes – here you can see the difference
ONE year can make.

My Sixth Year Paleo Anniversary with Diabetes Story! I tell my diabetes story primarily through pictures. :)

Start THRIVING and not ‘just’ surviving. I did and so have many others.

Begin your own successful diabetes story … TODAY!



Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If your blood sugars are elevated and you cannot achieve truly normal blood sugars with diet alone…

READ MY BOOK! How to Reduce Blood Sugars.

managing diabetes


Invest a few dollars on your health and let’s get BUSY!

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  • margie

    Steve, what were your cholesterol readings prior to low carb primal? I ask because my good cholesterol is 79, but my bad is elevated at 237; I fell off the low carb wagon and, for my own good, I’ getting back on with serious intentions to be a lifelong follower.

  • margie

    Thank you for the response, Steve. I really appreciate you! I will check out the tests you mentioned.
    I, too, do not worry much about the numbers, my doctor does. I know that a low carb primal lifestyle is optimal for my health and other than the occasional beer (my bad), I do love this way of eating and living!

    • Steve Cooksey Post author

      I do agree and you are welcome. :) I would love to see a study done of the gluten pre and post production in beers.

      I do not get a reaction from them… and I do not cheat, so the once or twice a year I do drink beer, you would think I’d be having a reaction if there was a lot of gluten in the beer.

      Take care, all the best and thanks again. :)

  • pone1

    Is there a way to contact you by email or through a contact form on your site?

    You indicate that you take 25 to 50 grams of carbs a day from starchy sources. When are you eating those starchy carbs during the day?

    I’m also wondering what is the typical daily glucose pattern you see? I am eating 50 grams of starchy carbs a day divided as 20 grams at breakfast and about 30 grams at lunch. My glucose pattern is really crazy. I wake up typically with about 90 mg/dL and that quickly rises to 115 mg/dL. I start taking a lot of Alpha Lipoic Acid and after carbs that will climb to maybe 130 mg/dL. The glucose then starts to moderate slowly down over the day and will be down in the nineties by late afternoon.

    No matter how I change things up, and no matter how much ALA I take, I cannot seem to stop this morning phenomena where glucose wants to go to 130. Even exercise only takes maybe 10 points off that 130 early in day. I cannot make sense of my pattern or make sense of how to get it under control.