Proof Low Carb Paleo Works

You want proof Low Carb Paleo works for diabetes and weight loss? Keep reading, I lay it out for you. :)

  • Links to my personal experiences
  • Links to other ‘real people”s low carb paleo success stories
  • Studies showing low carb paleo works for diabetes.


When I discovered “Low Carb Paleo“, I had already experienced the benefits of lowering carbohydrates including reduced consumption of sugar, grains and starches. Therefore, the “primal leap” for me was not the vast canyon that it is for most of you. For me … it was more like a skip. :)

Low Carb Paleo Works for Diabetes
Proof Low Carb Paleo Works for Diabetes


For most of you, I KNOW IT IS DIFFICULT! Especially when your entire support system will belittle and discourage you.  Many do not believe  low carb paleo  works for diabetes. :(


Diabetes Warrior Group

Support is important, that’s why I created a Facebook Group, ““.

Note: Be forewarned, this is not a coddling, cuddling, enabling group… it’s tough love.  You will get information and support, but cradled in the warmth of tough love. ;)


Low Carb Paleo Proof

It’s not a surprise that people will not heed my advice, especially when that advice flies in the face of ALL… CONVENTIONAL WISDOM!

I understand, you need proof low carb paleo works for diabetes, I get it. :)  Below all the ‘low carb paleo’ proof you will ever need.


My Personal Diabetes Story

Much of this blog testifies to my experiences,  successes and a few failures in following low carb paleo for managing my diabetes.

I just celebrated my “Six Year Low Carb Paleo Anniversary in Pictures“.  I think this post is ‘telling’, because I show pictures from each of the last six years.  I have maintained my weight loss since 2009. :)

Here is, “My Personal Diabetes Story” and “My First Year Diabetes Anniversary“.

I’ve done many exercise experiments, food experiments and food journals… it’s all there for you. I’ve written over 600 posts and pages, in 6+years of  writing on this site.  My ‘diabetes life’ is an open book.

In all of my experiments (high carb, low carb, high fiber, low fiber etc) … low carb paleo is the best for diabetes.


Low Carb Paleo Success Stories 

from “real people”.  This link, will take you to a listing of ‘low carb paleo success stories‘.  All have either  greatly reduced drugs and insulin OR have completely weaned off drugs and insulin as I have done.

KNOW THIS, there are many others that have done this as well.  As a percentage of the 25 million diabetics we are a small group… but as we share our stories the numbers grow. :)

I hear this often, “Ok, your personal story is great but I want real proof. I want to see scientific proof, well here you go. :)


Scientific Proof

Low Carb as the first approach to treating diabetes. This is a “MUST READ”.


This next group of articles is from Stephan Guyenet, these articles are powerful!

Paleolithic Diet Trials

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 2

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 3

Paleolithic Diet Trials Part 4

One Last Thought

Diabetics on a LC Diet Part 1

Diabetics on a LC Diet Part 2




Influential People

The most influential, Mark Sisson of MarksDailyApple.  When I read this post, “Diabetes“. it opened up another level of paleo knowledge and understanding for me. I that post, my ‘nutritional epiphany’.
Next is Richard Nikoley. He has an awesome site, “Free the Animal‘. I don’t share a lot of his articles because his foods have gravitated to higher carb foods.  BUT I love his posts … very witty, very irreverent at times but always RELEVANT and entertaining.

Richard taught me to stand up, be heard and ‘take no shit’.  I’ll never forget when he told me, “No one can argue with your personal experience.”  So true.  His Website again is Free the Animal.

Dr. Ayers, of “Cooling Inflammation“.  He is a PhD I read and heed. :)

Dr. Grace Liu  of “Animal Pharm“.  Gave me early confirmation on a ‘low carb paleo’ approach.

LAST but not least is this video of a study, “Is Anyone Winning at Losing?” done my Dr. Gardner, a Nutrition PhD from Stanford. His study compared several diets from low carb to high carb, low carb won for heart health, weight loss and glucose control.

Oh yeah and he’s a 25 yr vegetarian. :)


It’s On You

No excuses… you know Low Carb Paleo Works for Diabetes.

Now it’s on you. YOU have the information.

If you choose to continue on the high carb diabetic diet of the American Diabetes Association and harming your health… it’s ON YOU!


Reduce Your Blood Sugar the Warrior Way

Below is my personal ‘diabetes care’ manual. It is truly diabetes friendly, not Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry friendly.  Every person who follows my plan improves blood sugar control.  Not coincidentally, each person who follows my diabetes care plan reduces the profits of Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

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