Leap of Faith

While most people do not know there is a better way (low carb paleo) to successfully manage diabetes. Once you hear about it, YOU are then forced with a decision.

  • do you continue to heed the advice of those profiting off of your pain and suffering
  • or do you heed the advice of people who are successfully self-treating diabetes


Should you take that leap of faith and follow the low carb paleo advice of strangers on the internet? Or continue to follow the advice of those that profit from your continued pain and suffering?


For many of you the ‘leap of faith’ is a canyon.  By the time I discovered, “low carb paleo’ I had already witnessed the effect of reducing carbohydrates had on managing diabetes. So for me, it wasn’t as much a leap of faith, as it was a hop. :)


My Leap of Faith

When I was obese, sickly and diagnosed with diabetes I was ‘lucky’ in a sense.

I had witnessed the suffering of both grandmothers, a type 1 and the other a type 2.  So I knew what lay ahead of me if I followed the standard medical industry approved path … a continuous downward spiral in health.

Knowing the complications of diabetes given the standard diabetes care, I began to search out other ways to successfully manage diabetes.

While still in the hospital after the official diabetes diagnosis, a hospital nutritionist came to visit.  She brought me the standard food pyramid with grains at the bottom, which meant I need to eat more grains than the other foods, (7-11 servings per day).

Her instructions were to ‘eat the food groups’ and ‘stay around 2,000 calories’.

Something just didn’t make sense when she said that. I had been eating the food groups, yes I was eating more than 2,000 calories but it just didn’t make sense to keep eating the foods that ‘gave me diabetes’.

So I was even more determined to seek a better way to successfully manage diabetes.

I found a better way.


I Know Your Doubts

I know all the doubts that go through your mind. I have experienced many of them personally and I have encountered many more through my efforts in helping others.

If you think you have a unique reason for not trying this meal plan, try me. Send me a message, “Click Here: Contact Page“.  I believe in seven years I have heard EVERY possible reason (excuse) not to go ‘low carb paleo’ and none outweigh the benefits of normalizing blood sugars.

Not one.

The single most important thing a diabetic can do (or anyone with elevated blood sugars) is to obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars. Elevated blood sugars are toxic to every cell in the body.  This is true for your organs, which all have cells, so the best thing for your brain, heart, skin, kidneys, liver, pancreas, thyroid, eyes, blood vessels,  extremities … is to first obtain and then maintain truly normal blood sugars.


Never Going Back

I found a better way and I have never looked back! I am never going back to the way I once ate and lived.  All of my illnesses/diseases cleared up and as a result I weaned off all of my medications.

Seven years later I have never felt better and I continue to THRIVE, not ‘just’ survive.

Seven years later I still obtain and maintain TRULY normal blood sugars while remaining drug and insulin free.

Here is what I looked like in 2008, before my diabetes diagnosis and less than a year later.



Here is what I looked like a few weeks ago.  :)  A Low Carb Paleo Lifestyle has helped me lose and maintain weight loss.

One of the reasons I have posted my foods and activities on Facebook since 2009 is to provide almost daily evidence of the truth in what I say.  If you do not follow me on Facebook… YOU SHOULD DO SO!  (Click Here) :)


Leap of Faith to Low Carb Paleo

Grains and sugar are addictive, there is no doubt about that anymore. Like any addiction, your mind will attempt to convince you to maintain the ‘status quo’, to continue to feed the addiction.

What makes this even more difficult is the ‘medical industry’.  When your doctor, nutritionist and diabetes educator continually tell you that a ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan is harmful, it creates doubt. I know personally how difficult it can be.

To follow a ‘low carb paleo‘ meal plan … requires a leap of faith.

Below are posts and information to help you take that leap.

When diagnosed with diabetes I had it really tough.  I had to search through all of the harmful information to find ‘nuggets of truth’. YOU have it easy.  Just read and heed. :)

And as I always say, ‘question everything’ … even me.  You can test everything I tell you using your blood sugar meter.

do it, Do It, DO IT!!!

I love the low carb paleo lifestyle. It helps me successfully manage diabetes.

I am NEVER going back to the way I once ate and lived. NEVER! :)


Low Carb Paleo Proof

Following a ‘low carb paleo’ meal plan will require a ‘leap of faith’, but there is plenty of proof and evidence.

Six Year Paleo Anniversary in Pictures

Primal Proof

Ailments Then and Now

Food Journals

Labels of Drugs I Took

Tale of Two Type 2’s


Reduce Your Blood Sugar the Warrior Way

Below is my personal ‘diabetes care’ manual. It is truly diabetes friendly, not Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry friendly.  Every person who follows my plan improves blood sugar control.  Not coincidentally, each person who follows my diabetes care plan reduces the profits of Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

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