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    • YOU have an article or story you want shared.   Please include relevant information, links and your own commentary if you like.
    • YOU want me to share  your personal story. I love sharing successful diabetes stories!! :)  Please include as much detail as possible about blood sugars, weight, drugs, ailments etc.  Email pictures to [email protected]
    • Your medical industry professional promotes a high carb grain based meal plan and you would like for me to intercede.  Please leave the professional’s contact information in the comment section.
    • If you received documentation promoting a high carb grain based meal plan from your medical industry professional, please send it to me digitally.  Let me know what action you would like for me to take.  Also attach in an email to [email protected]

Ebook: How to Reduce Blood Sugars

I will assist you in dealing with your doctor or medical industry professional.

Note: I can help you with your diabetes management.

However, please do not send me questions regarding diabetes management until you have read my book on “How to Reduce Blood Sugars“.  The cost is ONLY 4.95 and I need to know that you have at least tried the basics before assisting you.


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