Vid: Top ADA Minion

This blog post is my commentary regarding a video interview with Stuart Perry, former Chairman of the Board for the American Diabetes Association.

Note: I am doing a month long nutritional test that is requiring me to “prick” my fingers much more often than normal to test my blood sugar…. just so you know… watching this was MUCH MORE PAINFUL.

NOT only did I watch this… I had to watch it numerous times, hitting re-wind often to make sure I transcribed the comments accurately. All in all, I probably watched this 5-6 times… bleh!

The video and link is at the bottom of the page…. in case you want to watch it. I would do so on an empty stomach… just in case you become ill.

Video Commentary

This video interview is with the past Chairman of the American Diabetes Association, Stuart Perry.

I must say before I even get into the video commentary…. this guy is not as rotund as Wilford Brimley … yet (give him a few years).  Not trying to be mean spirited but I just wish “we” could have a representative who didn’t look like they had strapped on the grain feed bag three times a day… GEESH!

Mr. Stuart Perry statements are in the “quote blocks” below.

1) We Advocate for more money for scientific research.

So the ADA is a lobbyist …. and we know that much (too much) of the research is for new “drugs”.   I have a problem with this. Can the drug companies not fund their own research?

You (the ADA) lobby for more money for Big Pharma’s drug research, then Big Pharma turns around and pays you “contributions”.

Nice “work” if you can get it…. I guess.

Personally, in my opinion, this is a NEGATIVE. Big Pharma does not NEED YOU doing it’s lobbying for them. If a project is worthy of investment, Big Pharma will have investors LINING up at the door to invest.  I mean… with 75 million diabetics and pre-diabetics just in the US, that’s a large customer base.

2) We Advocate to remove discrimination in the workplace and in schools.

This sounds like a worthwhile endeavor… preventing discrimination. However I must say, if diabetics did not follow your meal plan there would be less discrimination everywhere.

Why is that you ask? … if they followed a low carb primal meal plan they would be sick MUCH LESS often and would not need sick time for ALL the diabetes complications that your “carb up and shoot up” treatment philosphy causes.

Diabetics would feel better, be in better health AND would not be as depressed with their “condition”…. all of which would cause much less discrimination in the work place.

Lastly…. it’s nice that you have a referral source for lawyers who handle diabetic discrimination. I’m sure they provide hefty donations. I never thought about attorneys getting a “piece” of the diabetes money…. hmmmm.

3) We Provide information through our website and through our many offices throughout the country.

This one is easy… THE vast majority of the information is WRONG!  You tell diabetics they have a right to “eat like everyone else” … that is flat out wrong. That single bit of advice causes MUCH pain and suffering.

Your high carb meal plan pushing 6-11 servings of grains and starches… is disgraceful.

4) We have the largest scientific diabetes meeting in the world.

What a JOKE!!  AH HAHAHA!  … you have the largest diabetes celebration convention in the world.

The ADA and all the minions come together to drink and party and celebrate all the nice new drugs and toys you can sell diabetics. Slapping yourselves on the back for being such “good stewards” ….   WHAT A JOKE!

5)  You and I have to get involved as individuals to put an end to this”

The American Diabetes Association has been presiding over an EXPLOSION of obesity and Diabetes… resulting in more and more “customers”.    The ADA does NOTHING of value to stop diabetes.  It’s obvious, they have been a total and complete failure.

STOP promoting your high carb meal plan and promote a meal plan similar to mine.

But who am I to speak???   Just a type 2 diabetic with normal blood sugar ….who takes -0- drugs and -0- insulin.

MY Diabetes Nutrition Chart

MY Diabetes Meal Plan

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Video Interview Links

In case you want to watch the video, I have the video below but in case that is not functioning properly, here is the link

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