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"Best thing was, I skipped my Metformin last night. So happy this morning it was 5.7 (102 mg). Great improvement. Can't thank you enough." ... FREEDOM!  Freedom from diabetes drugs! 

Taking Away All Excuses

You meet a lot of interesting people on social media… this is certainly the case of Janey Ng. She is one of the growing number of diabetes success stories following a ‘low carb paleo’ diabetes diet. Her story is a powerful one! her story will prove anyone can go, ‘low carb paleo’. […]

Diabetes in Malaysia and Janey Ng

Hey! Do you know who this is? Her face and story has been widely reported and published in major leading newspapers. This is Karen Gale. :) This is an updated story … two years after the original post.  See… if I can do it….and if SHE can do it… YOU […]

Story Update: Type 2… and much more.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  After reading the email below … I felt DAMN GOOD! :) If you want to know why I do what I do … read this story. Want to know why I hate the American Diabetes Association and their minions…? read this story. Want […]

Want to Know Why?

Today’s post is a  Paleo Success story from Mark Mealey… a Type 1 Diabetic. Please read this man’s story … he found Dr. Bernstein and adheres to his diabetes treatment philosophy.   Just so you know, Mark is a very knowledgeable guy and freely offers advice to those in need. […]

On Your Mark, Get Set … Paleo!

A type 1 diabetic shares her experiences with us …  she’s primal and she’s pregnant. :) It is a very compelling story…   Background: She has been a type 1 Diabetic for virtually her entire life, since the age of 18 months.  Type 1 Diabetics have very limited or no insulin […]

Primal Pregnancy and Diabetes

I love these “Paleo Stories” posts… 1) Because I don’t have to do much… :)) 2) Because I LOVE HEARING SUCCESS STORIES!!!!  People taking positive actions and taking responsibility for their own health is very important today. and now…. — Heather Heirbaut-Kaczmarek’s Success Story My first incident with diabetes came when […]

Heather’s Diabetes Success Story

This post is about Mark Gaw’s ‘story’.  The facts of his story are just that… FACTS! However, we have a little fun in this post as well and thanks to Mark for going along. :) Obviously the main focus of my blog is convincing Diabetics to pursue a low carb […]

Mark Gaw’s Story

When I posted the first article , “ADA, What Diabetes Looks Like”, it was in response to a Twitter Post by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). In the post the ADA asked, “What does Diabetes look like to you?” … If you missed the original article, you can find it by clicking […]

What Diabetes looks like. (part 2)

January 1999 I began to feel flu like sick and lost 70 pounds in 10 days.  While the weight loss was great, or so I thought, I still decided to go see my doctor.  I  found out that like millions of people around the world, I had turned into Type […]

Sandy Abernathy’s “Back to Basics” Story

In July of 2006, I realized something was wrong. Frequent urination, terrible temper, always thirsty/hungry, tingling hands and feet. It was to the point where going to the bathroom was getting annoying, and even interfering with work. At my nephew’s baseball game that evening, my sister pointed out the number […]

Keith Lawson’s Success Story

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic when I was 25 years old. I was taking three (3) types of insulins Novolog , Lantus and Symlin. I was also taking two drugs just for diabetes Avandia and Glucophage. I was sent to Diabetes classes at the local hospital & I […]

Ruth Hintz’s Story

Update: Anne is my longest online friend, we have been friends since the summer of 2009.  She’s been a friend, mentor and shoulder. Pay attention to her story!!! Millions of people have elevated blood sugars and are accruing cell damage daily, many unknowingly… just like Anne was. Today Anne is still […]

Anne Luther’s Story

Brian Seib 12
I was diagnosed as a type 2 or non-insulin dependent diabetic in September of 2009 with an average blood glucose of 355 mg/dl.  I met with the “Certified Diabetes Educator” that afternoon.  She showed me how to use my meter, gave me a copy of the American Diabetes Association approved food pyramid, […]

Brian Seib’s Diabetes Story