Mark Gaw’s Story

Mark Gaw ... before Primal, with his lovely wife.

This post is about Mark Gaw’s ‘story’.  The facts of his story are just that… FACTS! However, we have a little fun in this post as well and thanks to Mark for going along. :)

Obviously the main focus of my blog is convincing Diabetics to pursue a low carb paleo lifestyle but I try to stress that paleo living is great for everyone. Until this post, all of my “Paleo Stories” have been stories of diabetics who have successfully reduced drugs and insulin.

Today’s post does have a diabetes link but the gentleman himself is not a diabetic!! :)

By the way, I first mentioned Mark Gaw in a blog post yesterday. “Primal Christmas In February“. He helped me through my first “health food store” experience. We actually ‘met’ on Twitter back in August 2010 ( I had to look it up). He’s a cool dude who always offers advice to those seeking to learn more about improving their health and wellness.

His Story

I’ve been following a paleo meal plan since June 1, 2010.  I chose to go paleo because I wanted to attain optimal levels of health and to have more consistent energy levels. Diabetes runs in my family with both my grandfather and my dad having the disease, so proper eating and health has been important to me.

Carbs from grains, pastas, beans never satisfied me.  I pretty much always knew that when I ate just meat & vegetables, I always felt good.  Within the first 30 days of ‘going paleo’,  I lost 13 pounds. I’ve maintained a weight of 195 since then. I exercise once a week mainly lifting weights in a local gym.

Paleo influences are Mark Sisson, Kurt Harris, Robb Wolf author of “Paleo Solution” and Chris Kresser. I try to glean information from many sources and I pledge no allegiance to one person’s paleo philosophy. There are so many diverse ways of defining a primal/paleo lifestyle.

At one time in my life I did try eating a vegetarian meal plan and later I tried a vegan lifestyle. Neither attempt lasted very long. Those dietary systems just didn’t work for me.

Eating more protein and healthy fats keeps me going longer. I rarely experience hunger much now in between meals, almost never.

I’ve been working in the natural products industry for 11 years.  I am married with two step-sons.

Thus Ends Mark’s Paleo Success Story … or this ends the story that he submitted. :))

I wanted to add a few comments of my own. You see, I did some gleaning of my own… lol.

Once again for comparison purposes… Below (left) is the BEFORE and Below (right) is the AFTER picture of Mark and his wife.  While it’s true that they both appear happy in the before picture, it’s obvious that Mark was hiding his sadness behind that smile. :))

Contrast that to the ‘after’ picture.  The after picture was taken just 6 months after going primal. It can make a difference in your life too.   I CAN NOT look at the picture (on the left) without busting out laughing. :))

Before Primal ....
Just 6 months later....

Can you see how much better he looks after going paleo….. thanks for sharing YOUR STORY MARK!!

FYI – Mark approved me using the pictures in this post, like I said… he’s a cool dude. :)

Out Grokked?!

What the…

First of all, being primal / paleo is not a competition.  It’s all about finding out what works best for you.  Having said that… I like to think I’m as paleo as the next guy.

I only shave with a razor blade on ‘special’ occasions, otherwise I use an electric trimmer…. I was getting ready to go to meet Mark for the first time and I decided to shave.  After all, I didn’t want him to think I was Obsessed with Paleo. When we met in the store… the VERY first thing I noticed… he did NOT shave!!!!   UGH! … I was OUT GROKKED!!!


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