Primal Christmas in February?!

This post will provide some details regarding a recent trip to Healthy Home Market in Davidson, NC. They have other stores in Charlotte and Hickory, if you live in those areas Click Here for their website.  (By the way, I was not paid for this post and I purchased all the products) :)


Mark Gaw, a gentleman I’d met via Twitter ( Click Here for his twitter page, @gawdawg) , had recommended the store as a good, local option for me.

Mark, who has been working in the natural products industry for over a decade is also “paleo” … so who better to give me a tour!

Short Summary: IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

I’ve ALWAYS been reluctant to visit a ‘health food store’ prior to last week.

Main reason for my reluctance? A lack of knowledge as to what is the ‘good stuff’ and what is not. When Mark invited me to meet him at Healthy Home Market … I no longer had that excuse…. so I accepted his invitation. :)

Here are SOME of the foods I purchased.  (Click to Enlarge)

All of these are ‘plain’ … no sugar/fruit added.

1) Far Left is Kefir made from Cow Milk. To explain the taste… the best I can come up with is a slightly sour yogurt…. I LOVE IT!  Note: YES… I erred and bought 2% by mistake… I ALWAYS buy full fat… well… ALMOST always. :)

2) Second from the left, cultured Goat Milk Kefir. This was EVEN better than Cow’s Milk Kefir. Less sour and smoother taste.

3) Top Right – Goat Milk Yogurt.  This is BY FAR the best yogurt I’ve EVER tasted. Truly. Smooth and creamy.

4) Bottom Right – Cow’s Milk Yogurt – very good. Not as good as Goat Milk but this was the best ‘plain’ yogurt I’ve had. I would gladly buy this again.

* ALL of these are nutritious and excellent for promoting good ‘gut health’.

** Admittedly… I am NOT a picky eater but I truly loved all of these.

This next picture features Coconut Flakes, Wild Sardines and Wakame (seaweed). :))

1) Top Left,  Coconut Flakes – I loved these. Crunchy with a light coconut flavor. A nice ‘replacement’ when something crunchy is needed. :)

2) Bottom Left, is the actual Pacific Wakame… the package is top right. These come ‘dried’ and crunchy. I soak these in water for a few minutes, they soften and swell with water.  I loved eating them as ‘greens’. They are also great in soups and are very nutrient rich.

3) Bottom Right – Wild Sardines. These were nice and firm…and tasty!  I’ve eaten many canned sardines in my past… these were by far the best. Rich in protein and heart healthy Omega 3 oils!

Affect of New Foods, especially the Kefirs on Blood Sugar? … After four days of eating Kefir three to four times a day… tada! Here is my overnight fasting blood sugar reading this morning. :))

Note: When I say I ‘eat’ Kefir 3-4 times a day… that is true BUT I only drink a couple of swallows of each Kefir (cow and goat milk) … I am NOT consuming a full one cup  serving.


I sincerely appreciate the time and information that Mark gave me. I am very glad I found a reliable source for healthy foods via the  Home Health Market. :)

All the foods had great quality and were delicious!

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