Primal eXercise, Bleacher Work Vids for diabetics

Today was just a GORGEOUS day … my wife and I headed to the high school football field and track for our exercise.

It’s good to get outside as much as you can when the sun is shining. Studies show that we need the Vitamin D3 caused by sunlight. I also read another study that shows a link between improved disease protection from sunlight independent of Vitamin D3 production. In other words, sunlight is good for us, in addition to the Vitamin D3.

I warmed up with lunges, sprints and various exercises including yoga stretching while on the football field. (Shirtless and barefooted)

Next I headed over to the bleachers…

This first video video shows me with a 45 lb kettle bell and a weighted vest, walking up and down the bleachers

This next video (and thankfully the last) shows me jumping up the bleachers… an excellent exercise to¬†accelerate¬†the heart rate. :))

Not bad for a former obese sedentary ‘old’ diabetic…

This picture (below) is me joking around… I told people I was holding the kettle bell straight out… obviously I was NOT nor CAN I do that.

Just remember to HAVE FUN and MOVE!!!!

I started out walking barely a 1/2 a mile. For weights… I used my wife’s 8 lb aerobic weights. Just DO SOMETHING.

Take action and do more today than yesterday!! … if I CAN DO IT… you can too!!

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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