Brace Yourselves! Diabetes awareness month... is coming. November is like Christmas for the ADA and it's cronies. It is the month when the American Diabetes Association holds it's hand out, 'palm up' for an entire month... begging for donations to raise ... 'diabetes awareness'.

Brace Yourselves – Diabetes Awareness Month is coming

To many, following a low carb primal meal plan is very limiting (at least initially) ... Therefore being creative in the kitchen and having a willingness to explore other foods and other food preparation techniques is important.

Creativity in the Kitchen: Egg Hats

Hey! Do you know who this is? Her face and story has been widely reported and published in major leading newspapers. This is Karen Gale. :) This is an updated story … two years after the original post.  See… if I can do it….and if SHE can do it… YOU […]

Story Update: Type 2… and much more.

There is a nagging question that needs to be answered…. and I am going to take care of this once and for all. First… some background I am not going to bore you with my story (click here for the short version, click here for the long version). In short, […]

Nagging Question … a new challenge

David Bookless… a very cool ‘paleo’ guy posted a great article the other day and I just had to post about it.     “How To Be More Interesting” Before I discuss the article I want to briefly discuss … I shared the article on Facebook, Twitter and G+ but many blog […]

Living an Interesting and Primal Life

I am experimenting again … eating only butter, cream and coconut oil.  Here is the introduction and Day 1 post, “Fat Fast Day 1.” In yesterday’s post, “Day 2” … I ranted against the ADA and their ridiculous anti-saturated fat stance in addition to providing details on my fat fast. In this […]

Fat Fast, Day 3

Note: Here is the first post I mention spatchcocking … in that post I was cooking a chicken. I could easily spatchcock a chicken in less than a minute, it is SO easy, quick and simple.  I have done it numerous times now and really … there is no reason […]

Spatchcocked, Primal Turkey?

The topic of today’s post is an important one … especially for those seeking a deeper understanding of why “low carb paleo” works.    Bear with me, as the post progresses, there will be studies and more links to help explain things. The cover of Time magazine has it right […]

Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny (Epigenetics)

  This post originated from an online discussion I engaged in recently, I urge YOU to read this and think about ‘who’s side are you on?” My only reason for participating  in nutritional debates or  ‘online discussions’? I’m hoping a few lurkers may be persuaded to at least check out […]

Whose Side are YOU on?

In the previous post I showed an updated picture and shared workout videos, click here if you missed that post. I am a type 2 diabetic, with normal blood sugar who is drug and insulin free. :) This post is primarily a pictorial of the rest of my day, highlighting […]

My Primal Update, Part II

Preface I eXercised almost daily for two years. The last several months my activity level has dropped… mainly due to Ollie and work. I still go for 15-30 minute walks twice a day, lift heavy things 1-3 times a week and perform intense cardio 1-2 times a week. So I […]

Primal Vacation Wrap Up w/ Pics and Vids

The purpose of this post is three-fold … 1) Challenge you to eat new foods.  I want to encourage EACH and every one of you to OPEN YOUR MINDS when it comes to new foods. By adding variety it increases the odds of success, especially those who waiver at times. […]

Fish, Cactus, Bacon and Eggs… diabetes friendly all.

Sometimes I exaggerate a title to ‘lure’ readers into my blog, other times I try to create an intriguing title to ‘lure’ them. I am doing neither with this post’s title. We were NOT  in danger of dying … but we easily could have been injured on the algae covered, coral […]

My Primal & Dangerous Adventure

On the next to the last day in Wilmington, NC  (see previous post, “Thriving in Wilmington“) I made a grocery run. I purchased a beef round roast (it was on sale) and decided to slice it up thin, braise in bacon  and add to a salad. Why did I slice and […]

Braised Roast Salad with Broth

“Primal Girl in a Paleo World” ~Joy Young My good friend Joy Young tweeted that phrase the other day… and it immediately hit me in a profound way. Background Joy and I have been friends for over two years…  it seems as if it was a decade ago!  I was […]

Primal Girl in a Paleo World

No matter what you do … no matter how weak or out of shape you are… Do what you can do comfortably and do a little more each day. Here are videos (CLICK HERE) from Mark Sisson that has something for everyone from beginner to advanced.  These are his core […]

No Matter What You Do … Intensify!!!

This meal was totally cooked on the Grill.  A grilled, bacon, egg and beef  MEATWICH! :) ** Remember: You can click on any picture to enlarge it. I tried, very successfully, grilling bacon not long ago (click here if you missed that post) and thought immediately about grilling the other […]

Grilled Eggs? … YES! AND beef & bacon Meatwich!

My lowER FAT primal experiment (Round 1) has been over for two weeks now. I’m running behind on my postings.  Before I start… I want to say this… this experiment was NOT low fat… it is lowER fat. :) If I have learned ONE THING in my two years of […]

lowER FAT Experiment – Update