Grilled Eggs? … YES! AND beef & bacon Meatwich!

This meal was totally cooked on the Grill.  A grilled, bacon, egg and beef  MEATWICH! :)

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I tried, very successfully, grilling bacon not long ago (click here if you missed that post) and thought immediately about grilling the other half of a very basic staple of low carb primal ‘diets’ …… eggs.

To the right you will see the final product… grilled eggs, ground beef and bacon. :)



1) Grill the bacon first, by itself. I usually grill an entire package of bacon at once… check this link for instructions.  After the bacon has been cooked proceed. :)

2) Patty  the ground beef and start the burgers on 1/2 the grill.

3)  Fry the scrambled eggs on the grill, in a cast iron skillet on the other 1/2 the grill.   Cook the eggs as if you are making an omelet.  “Click Here” for a post on how to make “Easy Primal Omelets“.



4) Quartering the ‘omelette’.  The only difference will be,  when the eggs are cooked, you will want to ‘quarter them’.  When they are cooked, reduce heat on the lowest setting on that side of the grill.

5) Make sure the grill is well oiled, I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and place the quartered eggs slices on the grill.



Another view. :) …. this gives the eggs a nice smoky flavor… great to eat with just bacon too… you know… :)



5) Below is a view of the eggs and ground chuck grilling… and I’m chilling.


One last view on the grill …. it’s SO EASY A CAVE MAN CAN DO IT!!!!


6) Assemble the  burgers, eggs and bacon into a Meatwich … or eat separately… it’s all good! :)

** This is yet another example of delicious foods that are NOT American Diabetes Association approved.

These foods comprise my ‘diabetes diet’ … and all are diaebetes friendly, not Big Pharma friendly.

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