On Your Mark, Get Set … Paleo!

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Today’s post is a  Paleo Success story from Mark Mealey… a Type 1 Diabetic.

Please read this man’s story … he found Dr. Bernstein and adheres to his diabetes treatment philosophy.   Just so you know, Mark is a very knowledgeable guy and freely offers advice to those in need. He definitely cares…and shares. :)

I am only including the Introduction and Ending in this post.  Please view his full story on Google Docs by clicking  here…  The Title of the post… that’s my idea. :)

ok, I’ll shut up now…. please read this very powerful story. There are literally 100’s of MILLIONS of people who can benefit.


On your Mark ….. get set… PALEO!


I’ve been following a Low-carbohydrate diet since 2003. I follow a strict diet that consists of approximately 75% percent fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrate (I consume less than 30g of carbohydrate a day). It is hard for friends, coworkers and even my family to completely rap their heads around the diet I am on. I hear a lot of “I don’t know how you do it”, or “you have amazing will-power.” In reality the diet is easy for me. The meticulous attention to my diabetes is the tough part. But the benefits are well worth the effort. No matter what I did it was impossible for me to control my blood sugar on the (American Diabetes Association) ADA diet; the Low-carb diet I follow makes it possible. One of my favorite quotes of Dr. Bernstein’s from his book Diabetes Solution sums up how and why I do this: “My mouth waters whenever I pass a bakery shop and sniff the aroma of fresh bread, but I am also grateful simply to be alive and sniffing.”

I have been Type 1 Diabetic (Juvenile Diabetic, Insulin Dependent Diabetic) for 37+ years. I was diagnosed in September 1974 at 10 years old. I am currently 47. ….


In those day’s blood had to be sent off to a lab to get tested. A few days later we got a call advising to get me to the hospital ASAP. Fortunately, my diabetes was diagnosed before I suffered Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I spent a week in the hospital. I leaned that I would need to take insulin injections for the rest of my life. I was taught how to give myself an injection, how to test my urine for sugar and ketones, and what I was expected to eat. I also learned what a low blood sugar felt like and how to remedy it.
There is a point that a person has to get to in their life before they decide to make a change. If I had heard about Dr. Bernstein back when I was in college, I never would have tried his treatment plan. I was feeling good and feeling good about myself. I was not thinking about the future and what I was doing to myself. The biggest regret I have in my life is not taking charge sooner.

When it came to my health, I made many poor and uninformed decisions. I fortunately made a change before it was too late. Early stages of Retinopathy were already in place and would have progressed. Kidney disease was already present and would have continued to deteriorate. I was suffering from neuropathies in my lower extremities and from glycosylation in my muscles and tendons. I was exhausted, among other things. Most of my complications came on slowly, to where I was not aware that they were happening, but they caught up with me like being over taken by a freight train. When I took a good honest look at the problems I was having I could not believe how bad of shape I was in. I made a choice to make a change. I finally faced things head on. I finally got over the denial I was in for almost 30 years. I hope others choose to make the changes that will benefit their lives and health much sooner.


Again, please view his full story on Google Docs by clicking  here

Thank you Mark for sharing your story.

Thank you for caring and sharing. :)

… Mark Mealey is definitely a diabetes warrior.

8 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set … Paleo!”

  1. Wow!! that’s a very powerful testimony, and a heck of a come back from from all those side symptoms. That was a long laundry list of stuff to be suffering from. Mark, I’m glad you found the low carb way of eating, and changed your health so dramatically. Thank you for sharing you story.

  2. Just a super quick comment… I pick out the silliest details that I feel the need to add something to…

    Hobby Lobby is where I get my bandanas, generally less than a buck each, and they’ve got a LOT of different designs. :) I’m sure there’s something like that in there somewhere. I wear bandanas every day, so I have quite a pile of them.

    As for the story… This is me hoping to never find myself in that position, and being armed and ready to deal with it if I do!! You guys’ stories really make me feel like I’m doing the right thing.

  3. When I tell this diet to people that are diabetic, I get hit with “Oh… well.. I’m (he or she) is a type 1. Since I’m less familiar with success stories of type 1, I back off and don’t insist they give it a look. This story is something I can now pass along.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Rob and Steve

  4. Thanks so much for this! I have never been diagnosed with either I or II diabetes, but I can see warning signs in my 59yo body. I’m having a lot of symptoms like you described, but just haven’t done anything about them.
    I started back on low-carb/ paleo yesterday. I have been on it several times in my life but this time it has to stick, it’s a matter of life or a slow, painful death. At 5’11’, 235 lbs, mild hypertension, terrible blood chemistry, it will take about a year to get it settled, but I’m looking forward to it.

    I wish you well in your endeavors and hope you stay healthy, and thank you again for your inspiring story.

    BTW, I found Steve’s blog via wimp.com somehow. I’m not sure but there was a link in there somewhere. Thanks Steve, please keep up the good work!

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