No Matter What You Do … Intensify!!!

No matter what you do … no matter how weak or out of shape you are…

Do what you can do comfortably and do a little more each day.

Here are videos (CLICK HERE) from Mark Sisson that has something for everyone from beginner to advanced.  These are his core ‘primal’ exercises.

I learned something from Tony Horton (of P90X fame) … if the exercises you are doing are too easy… INTENSIFY THEM!


How do I make my ‘Ollie Walks more intense”?   … when he stops to smell or take care of business I will do squats or leg lifts.

Something else I’ve started doing, implementing Fartlek Training into our walks.  We will sprint and walk, sprint and walk alternating naturally in between his ‘business breaks’. :))

A exercise ‘tool’ that I use to intensify walks are the benches in our community ‘common area’ (see above).  You can also do the same exercises in your home or in our backyard… just DO IT!


What do I do? 

1. Decline Push Ups with feet on the bench.

2. Incline Push Ups with hands on the bench.

3.  Jumps – I will do as many “two footed” jumps as I can at each bench.

4. Steps – alternating legs in stepping up onto the bench.


** The point is… INTENSIFY as you can…
Trying to do a little more each day.   That’s what I did, I started out walking and tried to walk a little farther and faster each day. 






Steve Update

For over a month now… my already weak sleep schedule has been made worse due to the adoption of a toddler… Ollie (pictured right).  If you missed a previous post on Ollie, please click here to read and to catch up. :)

I decided to GREATLY REDUCE my almost daily eXercise schedule.  Not ONLY did I reduce the frequency to 1-3 days a week, I also greatly reduced the intensity … most days.   I continue to walk 2-3 times a day for 15-30 minutes each ’round’ with Ollie.

Most of the walks are barefoot and shirtless during the day obtaining my free vitamin D3.


Despite my reduced eXercise schedule I’ve still set a new Personal Record for:

Maximum Push Ups  in 15 mins 252 on 8/1/11.

120 Tire Flips, 120 yard Sled Push and 120 yards of bear crawls in 33:02 on 8/28/11



1) If you are not exercising… find a comfortable starting point using the videos previously shown… and walk.

2) Intensify as you can.  Increase muscle and improving cardio vascular system is a WIN /WIN!

3) Do not take obesity or diabetes ‘laying down’ … get up and fight!  Become a diabetes warrior and be proactive in your own diabetes self-treatment…

… YOU will be glad you did. :)