Diabetes Exercise With Videos

The topic for this post is Diabetes Exercise.  The key to a long and successful life if you are a diabetic is obtaining and maintaining normal blood sugars. Exercise can help you manage diabetes.

  • You must know the best exercises for diabetes control.
  • Timing of exercise as a diabetic is important too.


It’s often said that fitness starts in the kitchen, it’s what you eat.  The same can be said for diabetes management.  Your diabetes diet is THE most important factor.

fitness for diabetics


However, exercise is important not only for managing diabetes but also for other benefits including muscle retention, bone retention and mood, mental attitudes. Exercise benefits diaebetes management, without question.


Diabetes Exercise

This post provides diabetes exercise videos that are scalable to any fitness level.

80 % of fitness is “in the kitchen” … it’s what you eat. This also applies to diabetes care, however we, as diabetics should not forget the important of exercise. 

The intensity of the exercise often varies by the person doing them.  In other words, what is intense for you may not be intense for me.  When I was diagnosed with diabetes and obese, walking back up to my home from my mailbox was an intense exercise… to me.

Note: Your mileage may vary.  You will need to test the effects of various exercises repeatedly and then confirm periodically.  It’s the only way to know for sure.

Low Intensity Exercise and Diabetes 

Walking is an excellent low intensity exercise for reducing blood sugars.  Any time your blood sugars are over 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/l) I suggest you only walk for exercise.


Moderate Intensity Exercise and Diabetes

Typically these include lunges, air squats, push ups and light weight resistance exercises.

Moderate Intensity Exercises will typically raise my blood sugars but only 20 mg/dl (1+ mmol/l).


High Intensity Exercise and Diabetes

Just about any ‘maximum’ exercise workouts are intense.

For example, ‘Maximum Push Ups in Four Minutes” is intense and will spike me over 100 mg/dl just about every time.

Maximum Kettlebell Swings, Maximum Jump Burpee’s, etc all spike my blood sugar 40-60 mg/dl.

Given the information above, I do NOT recommend anyone doing INTENSE exercise when they are over 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/l), unless of course you are going to take insulin to correct the spike.


Fitness and Diabetes Exercise

You can buy a gym membership, I have one now.

You can purchase workout videos, they work for some.  They worked for me.

However, neither are required to achieve fitness.


Studies show exercise is best for overall fitness and health.

– walking
– intense cardio/sprinting
– weight resistance

Mark Sisson,  has created videos showing and describing what he calls the (5) Essential Primal Movements. Mark wisely starts off with basic “beginner” versions up to more advanced movements. Here’s why I love THEM.

A) Scalable – exercises include beginning moves up to more intense versions. Takes away the “I’m out of shape” excuse.

B) Use Body Weight – meaning no expensive equipment nor DVDs. Takes away the “I can’t afford it” excuse. At most, a pull up bar from sporting goods store for @ $50.

C) Not Time Intensive – Exercises can be done in 30 minutes… or less! Takes a way the “I don’t have time” excuse.

….there you have it. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!      …so get BUSY!!! :)


Diabetes Exercise Videos

#1 – Push Ups

#2 Pull Ups

#3 Overhead Press

#4 Squat

#5 Plank

These are not the only exercises you can do … but these are the “Essentials” as laid out by Mark Sisson.


Exercise for Diabetes

The key to maintaining exercise regimens is to make it Fun!

If you don’t like doing it, it’s doubtful you will continue long term.

Find something you enjoy, start out doing what you can do comfortably and do a little more each day.

Doing ‘a little more each day’, will amount to a big increase in just a few weeks.

This strategy has worked well for me, and all those that stick to it.

Work the plan and it will work for you.


Reduce Your Blood Sugar the Warrior Way

Below is my personal ‘diabetes care’ manual. It is truly diabetes friendly, not Big Food, Big Pharma and Medical Industry friendly.  Every person who follows my plan improves blood sugar control.  Not coincidentally, each person who follows my diabetes care plan reduces the profits of Big Food, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

managing diabetes

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