Diabetes Fundraising over Education?

Please bear with me during the first part of this post… please?

… I am in an ill mood!

“Why?”, you ask.

November is  ‘diabetes awareness month’.

Seemingly every literate person on the planet is ‘aware’ of diabetes. It’s in the news, it’s on commercials… how can anyone NOT be aware of diabetes???

This is nothing more than a ploy by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the ADA Minions to raise money for their ‘high carb’, grain based, drug inducing, diabetes treatment plan.

Why do I say this is about money?? … just go to the ADA website and this is the first image that appears…. (click to enlarge)


They are begging for money … despite the large contributions by the food and drug industries…. they are still begging for money.

Instead of raising money to support their own bureaucratic largess … they should be trying to educate diabetics.

Pimping Grains Instead of Educating

Instead of educating diabetics on how to truly self treat their disease….they spend time promoting high carb, grain based recipes that cause MORE drug use and MORE insulin usage.

Here are two recent posts with high carb recipes …if you doubt me. There are 100’s of examples just like this.  “Who Benefits from this Recipe” and “Size Matters“.


Why I am so MAD!?!

1) Diabetes drugs are linked to ALL kinds of unhealthy side affects including an increased link to cancer.  I discuss that in this post, “Drugs and Cancer“.

So why does the ADA promote a meal plan that INCREASES the need for drugs?

Here is a post showing “19 million” reasons.

THE ADA (and the ADA minions) should be educating diabetics about the need to control blood sugars without the use of drugs, if possible.

2) The ADA and their Minions (diabetes educators) should be educating diabetics on the ability for many diabetes complications to be reversed!!! … if they maintain normal blood sugars.  Here is a post on that topic and a study that proved it. “Did Your Diabetes Educator Not Tell You …

INSTEAD … the ADA and their Minions teach diabetics that normal blood sugar does not improve outcomes!!! Can you believe that???   They teach diabetics that normal blood sugar is NOT a GREAT thing.

Don’t believe me??? … read this post. “This Accord is no Honda

READ the entire post but here is a brief snippet of the post, which quotes the biased study conclusion.

CONCLUSIONS –  As compared with standard therapy, the use of intensive therapy to target normal glycated hemoglobin levels for 3.5 years increased mortality and did not significantly reduce major cardiovascular events.

This proves the ADA funded study claims that ‘normal blood sugar’ increased mortality rates… the ADA is claiming normal blood sugar is a BAD THING!!!

Why would they do that???   Because very few can eat their high carb meal plan and maintain normal blood sugars and if you try, with the soaring highs and crashing lows… it will damage your body.



Another study came out last week disproving the notion that  maintaining normal blood sugars was unhealthy.  Kidney failures is a major complication of high blood sugars.

Intensive Diabetes Care cuts Kidney Complications


And I quote…

Early, aggressive treatment of type 1 diabetes cut the risk of kidney disease in half in a study that followed a group of diabetics since the 1980s, U.S. researchers said on Saturday.

The findings, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, underscored the need for newly diagnosed diabetics to keep their blood sugar at near-normal levels.



So from the evidence above … we know…

1) the ADA promotes a high carb meal plan.

2) they profit from the meal plan.

3) they should be educating diabetics, instead of raising money for awareness.


WE all should be appalled by the contents of this post …  millions suffer every single day because the American Diabetes Association promotes high carb, grain based recipes that benefit Monsanto, PepsiCo, Big Pharma and the Medical Industry.

When will they promote TRULY diabetic friendly treatment?

My diabetic diet.

Primal Exercises.