Size Matters….

Serving size matters …  that is.

The American Diabetes Association or as I like to refer to them… American Diabetes Ass., likes to tell everyone that they do not promote a high carb meal plan.  Sadly, many diabetics believe them.

To some degree the ADA is able to ‘get away with this’ thanks to TINY serving sizes.


Does size matter?  … definitely.  

When you look at this recipe from the ADA website and specifically look at the nutritional information… to most diabetics, it would not look HORRIBLE. 

only 24 grams” of carbs  PER SERVING! … that’s more than I eat most days. Let’s take a closer look….

In the entire recipe, there is 6 servings TOTAL.  Listed in the ingredients is a grand total of … 12 ounces of ground beef.

Note: That is less meat than I eat in most meals. 

Let me do some quick math here…. wow… 2 oz of meat PER SERVING!!!! 

How many people… how many DIABETICS, most of whom are obese, carb addicts are going to eat a single serving.

I can see MANY of them eating the whole thing … and washing it down with a Pepsi or Sweet Tea.

By the way, I could easily eat the whole thing (minus the buns) … most of my meals have more than 12 oz of meat.

Below you can see 24 grams of carbs… per serving.  To receive a decent amount of food a person could EASILY eat the entire recipe which would mean a total of 144 grams of carbs.

Not many people could EAT one serving… unless they were filling up on cookies, cakes and pasta… or some other high carb foods pimped by the ADA.

It’s immoral, unethical and should be illegal to SELL this as diabetes friendly.


Note:  The reason 90% of diabetics fail? …they try to eat a low fat, low protein HIGH carb meal plan like the one above. 


More Pictures

Need more ‘proof’?

23 grams of carbs... in a single serving.

48 grams in a single serving... only 2 oz of turkey


WAFFLES!!! For diabetics??? 33 grams of carbs in one serving. The serving size is 1/5 of the recipe... no one could eat just one.



The ADA and all their minions promote a high carb, grain based meal plan… there is NO doubt.

Do not let them lie about it… stand up and tell your doctor or diabetes educator that YOU will not take the lies anymore.

YOU deserve the truth!!!

Eat this way for better health!!!

4 thoughts on “Size Matters….”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Great job in pointing this out! If non-diabetic people had to eat like this, they would go crazy. I always wondered why the Diabetic Assn doesn’t realize the obvious – limit carbs and beef up on meats, veggies and fat.

    Part of it is because the medical establishment has so viciously attacked Dr. Atkins for promoting this way of eating to lose weight so they now don’t want to lose face. Is it just a coincidence that American obesity began to skyrocket when fat-free/low-fat food items & advice started flooding the marketplace??

    I don’t know if you addressed this in your blog (I just signed up to WordPress in order to comment on your entry), but the REASON why HIGH FAT is needed in a low-carb/high protein diet is to prevent protein poisoning.

    Otherwise known as “rabbit starvation” – people can die if they tried to survive just on low-fat meat like rabbit during lean times – it’d be better for them just to fast instead, because consuming low-fat meat alone in the absence of supplementary fat and carbs, would speed up their demise by literally poisoning their system. High fat prevents this. That’s why people can survive and thrive on eating fatty meats along (ketosis).

    1. Hey Hope. Apologies for the delayed reply. When the case ‘hit’ … I was bombarded by waves of spam comments.

      I am just now ‘catching up’. Ciao. :)

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