Primal Phun …as a diabetic

I’ve been up to quite a bit of “primal fun” over the last couple of weeks … and I wanted to share it with you.

I do some pretty crazy stuff at times…

Why do I do it?

1) To test conventional wisdom. So much that we have been taught is wrong.

Sadly these errors cost us all in either money, health … or time on this earth. For many it’s all three.

I will not go into all the errors of conventional wisdom but I will briefly discuss the biggest three lies being told to us all … but especially to diabetics.

a) Saturated Fats cause obesity which leads to diabetes.   It’s a lie.  It’s the carbohydrates, chiefly sugars and grains that lead to obesity.

b) Whole grains are healthy…. it’s a lie.  I have not eaten grains in over 2 1/2 years.

c) We must eat 120 grams of carbs for body function. … that’s a big lie.  I eat less than 30g of carbs most days…always less than 50 grams… and I am not only surviving… I am THRIVING!!!

2) To lead by example and to illustrate the point, “Do NOT let anyone set limits on what you can do.”


Primal Phun

1.  Ran two 5k’s barefoot, that’s 3 miles each.    Here’s a post I did on the experience, “I am a Barefoot runner with diabetes”

I have been a barefoot sprinter, jogger and exerciser for almost two years.  Here’s my other posts on barefooting.

First Barefoot Mile“,  “New Barefoot Challenge” “Diabetes and Barefoot Exercise”  “Diabetic Toe is Just a Toe


2. I set a new personal record!!!   In what? You ask…  my favorite Sunday Exercise!!!

I set a new personal record in what I call, the Tri 120’s.  It’s 120  tire flips, 120 yards of sled pushing and 120 yards of bear crawls.

Note: When I started out I completed these in the 50 -60 minute range.  Admittedly I started out slow to ease into these… but I’ve made significant progress of late… I was very surprised with the sub 26 minute time.

Here is a picture of my stop watch….


Here is a video of the Exercises that comprise the workout…. check it out, it’s only 33 seconds. It is a full body workout.

3.   Swimming jag! 

I got a wild hair the other day….  lol.   Decided to go for a swim in November … never done that before.  I grew up around lakes and have been an avid swimmer my whole life…. but swimming in November was not something I’d ever done.

The air temp and the water temperature are about the same, approximately 65 degrees on both days… plus or minus a degree.

I definitely plan on maintaining a once a week swim for as long as I can stand it.

Check out the most recent video…. it’s about a minute long.



A video of me, taking my blood sugar reading…  an 86 mg/dl … just about perfect. :)

I am a type 2 diabetic, formerly obese …and I have normal blood sugar while taking -0- drugs and -0- insulin.



As you should be able to see … I walk the walk …and talk the talk. :)

I do CRAZY things to prove that MUCH of what we have been told is WRONG!!!!

Do NOT listen to the ADA and their ADA Minions!


Remember… do NOT let anyone limit what YOU can do.

I urge you ALL to start THRIVING and not just surviving.

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