The Honor is ALL mine… Dr. BG

This post is going to be highlighting a major contributor to ‘who I am’.   Her online name is, “Dr. BG”. She authors a very informative blog, “Animal Pharm“.  I originally found her through Mark’s Sisson’s blog roll… a huge debt I owe Mark in and of itself.

IF YOU have benefited from my diabetes or vitamin D3 posts… you’ve benefited from Dr. BG’s advice.

I mention Dr. BG  in this post, “Primal Proof” as well.  She truly was a big influence on me.

Her biography on her website is below, the ‘bold print’ is mine.

While my expertise is in the pharmaceutical world, I explore the various scientific, nutritional, and pharmacological ins and outs of optimal health.

My training includes 4 years in plant biology, bachelor in nutritional science and food science, doctorate in pharmacy, and Crossfit Nutrition Certified by Robb Wolf (and Nicki Violetti).

Like Orwell discovered, writing can fuse together favorite purposes. In this case, it melds medicine, music and MAXIMUM VITALITY.

To recap, she has her “doctorate in pharmacy” … she’s Paleo and she’s into Crossfit!  (she was certified by Robb Wolf!)

What is not to love! :)    Additionally, she is humorous and HAWT! :)


This post “Dietary Carb 20-40g per day“, coming from a Doctor of her stature in the paleo community … gave me ALL the confidence I needed to go forward … with gusto!  The post supports a low carb approach for controlling blood sugars and thereby controlling diabetes.  The post is a MUST read forserious diabetes treatment.

I share this next post online almost every month… it talks about the importance of taking Vitamin D3… “Roid Rage“, the links and research she does is a TREASURE TROVE of information, if ONLY you will read and heed it!

I could go on and on… but I won’t. :)

Just know that she has been INSTRUMENTAL in my progress … and I respect her as much as anyone… period!


So … when I read her latest post, “The ‘Middle Finger’ Movement… Paleo? Yes” … I could not wait to READ IT!

Of course when I read the title I knew right away… she was dead on.  Paleo adherents are a ‘middle finger movement’, we are giving a big MIDDLE FINGER to the Medical Industry.   That’s what I do, every single day… even if I post nothing, just by my existence… I am giving the American Diabetes Ass. a big MIDDLE FINGER!!!

I urge you to read her post in  it’s entirety. I’m just going to hit a couple of points.

Following any version of ‘paleo’ wreaks havoc on people surrounding us who unquestioningly support and follow authorities with titles and engage in formalized associations (AMA, ADA, AHA, FDA, USDA, etc).

How true is THAT!!!

If you don’t know… I have been drug, insulin and medical services free since March ’09, except for two follow up appointments the last of which was August ’09.

Going Paleo does INDEED wreak havoc on those who support the ‘authorities’!!!

When will you give it a try?   What have you to lose?  If you are not paleo, your health is likely declining… even if you do not recognize the symptoms.

Apparently it is sacrilege to omit an entire ‘food group’ (wheat/grains) and decline to engage in scavenging off by-products of grain subsidies (by eschewing grains/GMO/gluten, grain-fed livestock/pork/poultry, and processed junk food products) which put money from the pockets of tax-payers to the pockets government to subsidized farmers back to the deep pockets of Monsanto, pesticide producers and other parasites.


I could NOT agree more. I would only add that it also adds money to the pockets of Big Pharmaceutical companies and the Medical Industry…which could fall under the category of “other parasites”! :)

Dr. BG then lists several important blog posts or blogs… and I was on the list!!!

Wow…  that’s why I said… the honor is ALL MINE!  … to be mentioned by one of my hero’s …


Steve Cooksey’s Blog: Diabetes Warrior [Taking the American Diabetes Association to task and how he reversed T2DM with paleo and HIIT



Here is a closing quote from Dr. BG. :)

 I have a middle finger too. I exercise it. EVERYDAY. *ahaa ha!*

AGREED!!! Dr. BG!  … I too exercise my middle finger every single day… in part, thanks to YOU!


Dr. BG is one of many  ‘mentors’ that I learned so much from.  If you’ve learned anything from me… then you have likely learned from her.  She researches and writes with the sole purpose of educating, motivating and entertaining others.


Do yourself a favor and read her blog, you will NOT regret it.