Who benefits from this recipe, Diabetics?

I truly love the quote in the picture to the right.

It can and has applied to many situations … but could not be more true than today…especially as it relates to dietary policy.

Read this post and see if you agree ….


American Diabetes Association ( and ADA Minion) promotes a diet that is both high carb and grain based… the worst combination possible.  (Past Post)

Additionally they promote the eating of sugary treats as long as it is ‘planned for’.   All of this promotes an increase in drugs and insulin usage which satisfies their largest donor’s just fine…  Big Pharma and Big Agra Businesses.


They publish posts that feign ‘caring’ for diabetics… but when your dietary recommendations cause harm to 100% of your constituents… something must change.

As you read the rest of this post … ask yourself these two questions.

1) Is the ADA really looking out for diabetics? Or are they looking out for their largest donors, Large Drug Companies and Large Food Businesses, including Monstanto and PepsiCo.

2) Are you mad enough to do something about it?


Here’s a link the ADA posted today on twitter.  Oatmeal and Apple Muffins.  No need to click on it, I’ve pasted the main information on the right hand side.




Most of the ingredients are part of the failed ‘low fat, high carb, grain based mantra’ that has LEAD to the epidemic in obesity and diabetes.


– Egg substitutes?  Why would you want a highly processed egg product?

– Whole wheat flour??? OMG! … this is the LAST THING other than sugar a diabetic should eat.

– 1/2 cup of non-fat milk… are YOU kidding me?   REALLY?

– rolled oats… <sigh>

– Brown Sugar Blend… nice, if you want diabetes.


See what I mean?   When I read the ingredients I shuddered to see the carbohydrate totals…. here it is. :(


Nutrient Totals

1 gram of fat? 

This shows how pathetic the ADA really is.

This whole recipe posting (by the ADA) was intended to promote a recipe book, this is not just a recipe by itself.  They are promoting an entire book of this , diabetes inducing CRAP!

Carbohydrates = 44g … that is MORE than I eat in two days!!!

AND THIS IS JUST A DESSERT!!!  and only one serving at that.

Sugars = 28g  …. shaking my head in disgust. 


Ask yourself this question…

Who does this ‘recipe’ benefit?    Diabetics who must take drugs and insulin to reduce an insulin spike?

Or drug companies who sell the drugs and food companies who sell the ‘crap’?

YOU know the answer… it’s not diabetics.


NOW ask yourself another question… do you care enough to do something about it?

In a few decades almost half of us will be diabetic if this continues.  So I’m not just talking about making changes for you, but for your kids and grand kids.

Join ME in making  a change.  Click this link if you want to work with me to make a difference.

In twenty years estimates show close to 50% of those in the United States having diabetes… if that’s even close to being true not only the US but the world will be in very bad shape.   To change these outcomes, we must take action to affect change in the dietary policy.

To do that, we will ALL need to pull together.  Are you willing to help? … or … are you going to do nothing?



For more information on why this must change….

90% of diabetics fail, I can’t prove it but I know the number is much higher than that.

BUT even using ‘standard’ measurements for failure… 90% is HORRIFIC!  World wide estimates are well over 300 million diabetics… so worldwide that’s at LEAST 270 million diabetics failing at controlling the disease.

Think of the suffering that involves… including neuropathy, organ loss and limb amputations.  It’s a disgrace!

It’s no surprise when the WORLD’s diabetic groups push a HIGH CARB, GRAIN BASED MEAL PLAN for diabetics.

So why does American Diabetes Ass and ADA Minion push a high carb meal plan that causes spikes in blood sugar that require drugs and insulin to correct?  Here’s a post I did showing 19 million reasons.  :)

6 thoughts on “Who benefits from this recipe, Diabetics?”

  1. You could do this:
    ¼ cup beaten farm fresh brown eggs
    2/3 cup almond meal/coconut flour blend
    2 tsp baking powder
    2 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp nutmeg
    ½ cup of heavy whipping cream
    NO raisins! Nasty things…
    4-5 feral “Grok” apples found in wild
    2/3 cup crush pine nuts (piñolas)
    Sweenter – organic Stevia “in the raw”

    IF and only IF you don’t have control problem and can tolerate the apples, if the apples are in season, if they’re not GMO apples, and raw Stevia doesn’t bother you. Otherwise, just eat the apples and nuts and pretend!

    I am sure that the fruits, etc., were put here for a reason – and that Grok didn’t eat apples and such in the middle of December!

  2. I’ve made something similar with pumpkin, not apples. I can’t STAND cooked apples. I don’t have any notes here, but it had to be acceptable numbers or I wouldn’t have kept the similar recipe. When I was tracking everything, anything that pushed me over 120 at 1 hour was scrapped, as well as anything that caused more than a 30 point rise. In the beginning, though, spikes were more common. As the weight came off, and I started being more active, however, I found that I could tolerate more carbs such as seasonal fruit in small amounts, squash, pumpkin, and any non-root vegetable that was FRESH! In effect, that was when I stumbled over the idea of Paleo/primal.

  3. Thanks for mentioning possible problems with stevia. Some of us on insulin can’t tolerate it because it changes the way and speed at which our bodies process carbs so that we end up with crashing lows followed by highs.

    Also, something in the Quest protein bars does that to me as well. I haven’t been able to figure out which ingredient, but I was really sick the day I tried my free sample because I bolused for the net carbs, then had a serious crash with blood sugar dipping down to 27 before I was able to coax it into starting back up again with fast-acting glucose.

    Steve: what do you want us to do to help change things? Following a diabetic diet (not the ADA; Dr. McDougall’s/Dr. Barnard’s low-fat vegan diet) after being diagnosed destroyed my pancreas and I ended up on insulin just a couple of years after diagnosis, thanks to the high-carb vegan diet. I’m doing Dr. Bernstein now (although I’m even lower carb than Dr. Bernstein recommends) and still on insulin (I think the high carb diet did permanent damage) but doing much better. Nowadays, a high is when I’m up to 120 and the only low I’ve had in months is that darned Quest bar.

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