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I won my case against the NC Board of Dietetics and Nutrition!!! Thanks to IJ and all of YOU! I can say what I want ... and I am UNLEASHED! :)

I Fought the Law and I WON!

Brace Yourselves! Diabetes awareness month... is coming. November is like Christmas for the ADA and it's cronies. It is the month when the American Diabetes Association holds it's hand out, 'palm up' for an entire month... begging for donations to raise ... 'diabetes awareness'.

Brace Yourselves – Diabetes Awareness Month is coming

It is time to say "enough is enough!". Enough greed, corruption and money influencing our dietary guidelines. Millions suffer everyday while a relative few profit.

Joslin – Enough is Enough

I look at McDonald's fries now and I know that..........they're not *really* fries. Sadly they contain harmful ingredients and perhaps even more than what we know those to be... breaks my heart. The "food" we see in front of us? It is just "food-like products"....all sick, sick lies. I am sad.

With Friends like this… Big Food & Big Pharma

I knew it was coming; I gritted my teeth for as long as I could… Paula Deen is a diabetic … shocker! She’s just like I was… an obese, carb eating machine. The surprise is that it took this long for her to be diagnosed.  Who knows, she may have […]

Paula Deen and Diabetes

First let’s look at a few facts. 1) 90% of diabetics fail at maintaining normal blood sugar, if you doubt that… read this post. “90% Fail“.  I truly think the number is much higher than that…. but this is the medical industry’s numbers. Using conservative and ‘rough’ estimates… there are approximately […]

Is it just me? Or is the ADA ….

Please bear with me during the first part of this post… please? … I am in an ill mood! “Why?”, you ask. November is  ‘diabetes awareness month’. Seemingly every literate person on the planet is ‘aware’ of diabetes. It’s in the news, it’s on commercials… how can anyone NOT be […]

Diabetes Fundraising over Education?

I truly love the quote in the picture to the right. It can and has applied to many situations … but could not be more true than today…especially as it relates to dietary policy. Read this post and see if you agree ….   American Diabetes Association ( and ADA […]

Who benefits from this recipe, Diabetics?

As a newly diagnosed diabetic in 2009, below is a pictorial path I took to a low carb, low inflammation, paleo lifestyle... avoiding the diabetic minefield.

Diabetic Minefield

An article was published yesterday and I felt compelled to comment. The title of the post, “Evolutionary Conservation of Fat Metabolism Pathways“. The title was … intriguing. :) A collaborative effort by investigators at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies recently revealed just how similarly mammals and insects make critical […]

Fat Metabolism Pathways Study

This post will be discussing the “contributions”  BigPharma paid the American Diabetes Association…  $19 million in 2008. That’s the last year I can find the data.   New friends may not be aware of this… if not YOU SHOULD BE SHOCKED. this is unethical and immoral but 2012 was even worse, […]

$19 million paid to ADA by BigPharma?

The picture below is the twitter page “bio” for THE  American Diabetes Association.  Just a quick comment before we move on to the “meat” of the post. (The ADA dislikes meat, they recommend only 5 oz per day. )  The ADA says, “… leading the fight to stop diabetes and […]

ADA, “What Diabetes Looks Like?”

No… sadly,  this was not a dream where all the people ran around in loin cloths. HA! This was a day dream concerning our national nutrition … Imagine a time when an overweight teenage boy goes to the pediatrician. The boy and his parents are sitting in the doctors office […]

My Paleo Dream

Ok, pretend for a moment YOU are THE MOST influential Diabetic Organization in the world and your “Healthy Living Magazine” website was sharing an article on, ‘the causes of diabetes’. You as THE leading diabetes organization in the world have a unique opportunity to help MILLIONS, perhaps BILLIONS of people.

Cause of Type 2 Diabetes?

Update: Since I originally wrote this post  much has been made about the ‘money connections’ with  members of the government. the medical industry should wear nascar-style jackets. government officials should wear nascar-style jackets. A suggestion was made that people in government should wear uniforms like Nascar drivers showing who is […]

Financial Disclosure for Diabetes Advisors? – Nascar Jacket Style?

Diabetic Shot 9
I placed the date in the title for a reason…. I do not have high hopes for a change in the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE). In case I am right, I want to be able to use the same title next year… :( Why am I so negative about […]

Summary of Diabetes Educator Rants

ada mission statement 3
Another school year nears and schooling is in conversations. Did you hear about the proposal to issue ‘E’ grades in school?  This got me to thinking… what grade would we assign the ADA?? We should judge them against their mission statement, the American Diabetes Ass.’s mission statement is… well, I’ll […]

Grading American Diabetes Ass. on a Curve

I am an easy going guy… I usually do not let things get to me. HOWEVER, since being diagnosed with Diabetes and seeing what a low carb food pyramid can do … I really get angry when someone promotes a high carb meal plan as being the preferred diabetic diet. […]

ADA Minion’s Diabetes Myths