ADA, “What Diabetes Looks Like?”

The picture below is the twitter page “bio” for THE  American Diabetes Association.  Just a quick comment before we move on to the “meat” of the post. (The ADA dislikes meat, they recommend only 5 oz per day. )  The ADA says,

“… leading the fight to stop diabetes and all of it’s deadly consequences.”

Excuse me … but this is a LIE. THEY DO MUCH TO CREATE DIABETICS more so than almost ANY single group on the planet in my honest opinion.

They promote a high carb, veggie oil, low fat, grain based meal plan that CREATES more diabetics AND causes existing diabetics soaring spikes in blood sugar and then crashing lows, which leads to organ failures, amputations and early death.

This picture below is a tweet ( a tweet is a post on twitter)  that the dishonorable organization published today.  Sometimes Twitter-speak can be cryptic because a tweet can only contain 140 characters.

The “Tweet” below does not require translation… it’s simply asking a question and stating that they have a new blog post. I’ve deleted the url from the picture, I detest promoting ADA and ADA Minion sites.

In response to this question, “What does Diabetes look like to you?” …

I left these three Twitter posts below.  My tweets are more cryptic so I will “translate” each of them.

In this “tweet”, I am answering the question “what does diabetes look like to me” by saying….

” I see a diabetic wearing an ADA approved ‘Stop Diabetes’ T-shirt…. while eating a bowl of cereal and having  to be fed Insulin via an IV (Intravenous Therapy).”

I see similar “situations” almost daily. Diabetics or their caregivers are “out there” promoting the ADA fundraising programs. While at the same time they eat the ADA High Carb meal plan…. eating cookies, sandwiches, pasta etc… taking more and more insulin and drugs.

This is what DIABETES looks like to me… every day. :(

In this “tweet”, I am answering the question “what does diabetes look like to me” by saying….

“I see large pharmaceuticals ‘contributing’ $19 million dollars to the ADA,  just like they did in 2008.

This is a proven fact. Large pharmaceuticals donated and paid OVER $19 million dollars to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in 2008 ( the last year I’ve found data). The ADA’s meal plan creates the need for MORE DRUGS AND INSULIN… does this not seem like a conflict of interest?

Any wonder why the ADA continues promoting grains and high carb foods???? … not to me.

First let me say, “AADE” is the American Association of Diabetes Educators”. It is the national association of “Certified Diabetes Educators” (CDE). In this tweet above, I answer the question, “what does diaebtes look like to me” by saying….

“I see Monsanto, large pharmaceutical companies and the Sugar lobby  were all in paid attendance at the American Association of Diabetes Association’s (AADE) 2010 National Convention. This is bad news for diabetics… our interests will come after the interests of Monsanto, Big Pharma and the Sugar lobby.

That is why there was NO discussion of Low Carb Paleo meal plans as a treatment option for diabetics.

It’s also why the VAST majority of diabetics are never told about low carb paleo meal plans by their “Certified Diabetes Educators”.  CDE’s are paid NOT to mention a meal plan that will reduce drugs and insulin.

I urge you to check out my diabetes meal plan… it is a diabetic diet that you can live with.

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What does Diabetes look like … for YOU!

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7 thoughts on “ADA, “What Diabetes Looks Like?””

  1. Diabetes looks like to me, a diet of steak, brocollini and a green salad followed by a fasting blood glucose of 87. As a matter of fact, checking my blood glucose throughout the day and discovering that it stays below 100 most of the time. Thank gawd, the ADA is not “helping” me.

  2. Sandra_Abernathy

    Gotta love it, Steve, when you give the ADA hell and bring reality to everyone!! We appreciate you, Steve!!

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