Joslin… Harming Diabetics

On Twitter, you will see 100’s of  American Diabetes Association (ADA) Minion posts (called tweets) each day.  Many of these Twitter posts are blatant attempts to sell or market products or services to diabetics….and are easy to ignore.  Some of the more sophisticated ADA Minion will cloak their intentions in seemingly harmless “info posts”… wanting you to believe they care about diabetics.  The tweet below is an example of the latter.


I felt compelled to investigate the “tweet” above because… that’s what I do.  I control my diabetes utilizing a fitness regimen that originally helped me lose weight. It now helps me maintain my weight loss.

So when I saw the above “tweet” I had to check it out, NOT because I had hopes that Joslin was promoting a beneficial diabetes diet … but because I knew they did NOT.

YES, I was “hunting” for an avenue to educate and raise awareness for a TRUE Diabetic diet… one that is designed to help diabetics, not a meal plan designed to benefit Big Pharma, Big Agra and ADA Minions such as Joslin.

To make a long story short, I contacted a fellow diabetic John Hanson and mentioned the article to him and we both commented.

In a follow up to a comment, a Joslin spokesperson stated,

“Carbohydrates should make up no more than 40% of total daily requirements, with 30% typically coming from protein and 30% from fats.”

What the Joslin person actually meant is, they suggest carbs SHOULD “typically” make up 40%.  Since typically 60% of the calories are reserved for protein and fats.  If we use a 2,000 calorie diet as an example …. that would be 800 calories or about 200 grams of carbs… per day.  For those who are “math challenged”… 2,000 calories x 40% = 800 calories. Carbs have 4 calories per gram, so 800/ 4 = 200g. :)

You can view the article and our comments here if you like. By the way, Joslins refused to publish my follow up comments (and I was nice).

Below is John’s well reasoned and well stated response.

I’m really curious about your research. There is too much evidence that this peer review process isn’t working. Industry is too much involved. And before you get your drawers in a not, take a look at the ATP and DGAC. We have two high powered groups at the top pushing their theories (read support of industrial money) at us.

I’ve been looking intensively for “proof” that saturated fats are bad as you say, and all I find is rhetoric about associations. When a credible organization like Joslin rests its entire case on association evidence, well, that just does not lend credibility. I need to see proof.

I go at this with an open mind. ALL the evidence I find points to sugars as the killers and fats as the scapegoat — science, anthropology, and praxis. I follow many diabetics around the world who swear by low carb diets. I’ve seen nothing but great results: weight loss, low A1C’s, great lipids, and improved health. A 100% success rate. I tried it myself. I’m down 25lbs — first weight loss in my history — lipds are great, I’m much more active, my A1C is down to 5.6 with virtually no major hypos, and I feel great!

I won’t even get into the celiac equation. When 1/20 of us are celiac, which means as many as half of us are sensitive, and there’s now evidence that wheat may actually trigger type 1 diabetes … I don’t know how you can even look in the mirror after pushing grains on us.

I and a growing community of other diabetics find little to no reason to follow what you and the rest of our health care teams tell us. What you say and what we see do not in any way agree. An estimated 97% of all dieters fail. I see nothing to suggest your patients are any different. My real fear is you are creating a bunch of new President Eisenhowers *.

* Note: When John mentioned “new President Eisenhowers”, he was not referring to golfers…. he was referring to people with heart related deaths. :)

Thanks to John for allowing me to publish this comment.

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7 thoughts on “Joslin… Harming Diabetics”

  1. 200+ grams of carbs/day would kill me! Oh ,wait,that’s what I WAS doing when I got sick! It was the ADA-Minion meal plan that got me into this mess to start with. I’ve said it before, and I’ll KEEP saying it. I refuse to support any organization that promotes this “carb up and shoot up” idiocy.

  2. Sandra_Abernathy

    150 grams of carbs a day makes a person gain weight and become fat!! The ADA meal plan also wants people to eat alot of starches and foods that turn into high sugar content, like grains and such. Following the ADA made me SICK. I had already almost died because my cell receptors were locked up and not allowing any insulin in. Then to follow their diet when I was able to go home finally, it made me continually sick and I didn’t know why. It wasn’t until later that I put it all together!! I’m not surprised that Joslin refused to publish your comments. Here we are, Diabetics, and these organizations, minions, are not willing to stop and listen to us when we tell them what we have found to really work! To live and feel great by eating low carbs or no carbs each day!! We cannot stop, EVER, trying to get out to fellow Diabetics what really works! I can’t think of a better diet for Diabetics, then to eat and loose weight! We just have to watch what we eat, making sure it is low carbs or no carbs is all!

  3. Upon being diagnosed, I was sent to a nutritionist. The nutritionist taught me to eat a balanced diet. Upon close examination, this diet consisted of at least 175g per day and more often worked out to 200g. Yes, my numbers went down, but that was because my diet had been so horrible before Dx that any change would help. I have recently got my post meal numbers below 140 and more recently below 120 with a low carb diet, less than 75g.

    It is sad and disheartening that so many people cannot trust those in whom we should be able to trust.

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