Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Cartoon

Yes, the blog is on a “cartoon jag”. I have several in mind and while I could create these and schedule “posts” …  patience has never been a characteristic of mine. :)

This was said yesterday, “cartoons fit your humor” … not sure if that was a compliment or not… :)) If you enjoy them and they provide value, I will continue.

There are many things that aggravate me about Diabetes Management and this cartoon addresses several of them.

1) Medical “Professionals” assume that no one can stick to a “low carb” meal plan so it is RARELY mentioned, I only know of a couple of diabetics who were told of low carb by their health care provider.

* I have been fully low carb primal…sub 50g per day for 14 mos and counting.

** I know people whom I trust who have been low carb for years!

*** Dr. Bernstein is a Type 1 Diabetic, he has been following a low carb paleo meal plan for decades!

2) Healthcare Providers “coddle and enable” continued high carb consumption.  Why do they do this? Is it because the high carb meal plan requires them needed their services?

3) Healthcare Providers’ first inclination is to write a prescription. This was seen earlier this year with efforts to push cholesterol drugs for kids and “diabetic regimens” for pre-diabetics. Diabetic regimen for pre-diabetics???  This means diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension drugs…. when all is really needed is a low carb meal plan and exercise…. so sad and….

So frustrating!!! ARGH!!!! … many (probably most) of these prescriptions could be thrown away with the adoption of a truly low carb diabetes diet like this one.

(click on the image for larger picture)

EVERYONE should reduce carbs and eat as your body was intended… a good place  to start is The Primal Blueprint.

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