Primal Blueprint

David Bookless… a very cool ‘paleo’ guy posted a great article the other day and I just had to post about it.     “How To Be More Interesting” Before I discuss the article I want to briefly discuss … I shared the article on Facebook, Twitter and G+ but many blog […]

Living an Interesting and Primal Life

What is this non-sense?    How can Primal Living be hazardous to your health? Truth be told… there are alternate Post Titles that would be equally appropriate, such as: 1) Ketone Infused Brain can be dangerous. 2) Idiocy is hazardous. 3) Use common sense when exercising…. 4) Don’t Show Off […]

Primal Living can be…Hazardous (Confession)

Yes, the blog is on a “cartoon jag”. I have several in mind and while I could create these and schedule “posts” …  patience has never been a characteristic of mine. :) This was said yesterday, “cartoons fit your humor” … not sure if that was a compliment or not… […]

Pre-Diabetes Diagnosis Cartoon

If it appears that I am attempting to embarrass  “ADA Minions” …  sometimes situations are as they appear.   :) The conversation below is based on talks that not only I have had with Certified Diabetes Educators but from numerous reports from other Diabetics.  So this is a true representation […]

It would be comical … if not so sad.

Caterpillar Fungus 4
I want to thank Stacey Clayton for posting this article, a listing of  “12 of the Most Disgusting Delicacies”  …  it reminded me to do this post. Growing up, my brother and I had to eat at least one bite of everything on our plates. If I heard my dad say this […]

You can’t eat… WHAT?

Are you ... inflamed? 9
In my opinion low carb primal is THE best way for all humans to eat. There are many variations within the “primal meal plan”… you don’t have to eat just as I do, especially if you are NON-diabetics. Living according to “The Primal Blueprint” is the best way to live […]

Inflammation Causes & Detection

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post “See, hear and Speak No Evil….”. It is a story of a friend of mine and his battle with Crohns Disease. I also discuss the similarities in treatment and in poor medical advice for both Diabetes and Crohns from the medical establishment. In […]

Same Ole Song and Dance

BG monitor 5
According to the American Diabetes Association in 2007 :     (yes I am linking to “that” site… ) Total: 23.6 million in the United States—7.8% of the population—have diabetes. Diagnosed: 17.9 million people Undiagnosed: 5.7 million people Pre-diabetes: 57 million people …so if we do some basic math, Voila!! […]

Diabetes Facts & Symptoms

Max on the Bed 7
Just wanted to give you a snap shot of my past 24 hours…ending this morning.  It was a pretty solid time for me.  I have  Type 2 Diabetes… yes I am a diabetic who takes  -0- drugs , -0- insulin since March ’09. I do follow, The Primal Blueprint, Click […]

My Diabetes Moments …past 24 hours

This post is about Karen Bragg Gales’ weight loss and Diabetes Type 2  Success Story. :)  Above is a picture of Karen … oh…and now that she is successfully treating her Diabetes T2 with diet and exercise… I call her “oK BG”….  :) Here is Karen’s STORY!!!!  READ IT AND […]

Karen Bragg Gales’ Story