Living an Interesting and Primal Life

David Bookless… a very cool ‘paleo’ guy posted a great article the other day and I just had to post about it.     “How To Be More Interesting”

Before I discuss the article I want to briefly discuss …

I shared the article on Facebook, Twitter and G+ but many blog readers are not friends there so I wanted to make sure I shared it here.   By the way… if you DO NOT follow me on Facebook or G+ … I really wish you would.

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Back to the article….

As I was reading the article I could not help but think that by following the “primal laws” I had made myself more interesting…. at least in my mind and that is what matters… :)

By adhering to the primal laws we are not eating as others eat, we are not moving or exercising as others do, in short we are not living as others live…. so that alone makes ‘us’ interesting.


How To Be More Interesting

You should live more interesting lives… so you will enjoy life more.

So how can you live more interesting lives?

Let’s look at the articles main points and how they apply to living primally.


1. Go Exploring – agreed!

Mentally we should EXPLORE and question everything! Question all ‘conventional wisdom’!

Physically we should periodically walk or hike. Go hiking or go for walks in unfamiliar areas if you don’t have mountains, beaches or lakes.  I’m sure we all have many ‘discoveries’ to make in our own backyards.


2. Share what you discover.

I kind of do that…. lol, ok… I probably go OVER BOARD on sharing what I do.  But as I mentioned to one person today, if it helps ONE PERSON a day, if it changes ONE LIFE today… its worth it.


3. Do Something. Anything.  – again… agreed! :)

Do something!!! Anything is better than doing nothing!  Activity is GOOD! Action is GOOD!

The slowest 5k ever walked or jogged is better than the person who sits on the couch and watches TV!


4.  Embrace your innate weirdness.

People can probably see my ‘uniqueness’ … I embrace the fact that I ‘talk a lot’ and I put my foot in my mouth too often… but hey … that’s ME! :)

I have other quirks but I’m not going to tell them to you. :)


5. Have a CAUSE. 

Yeah… I think I have that one covered. Do YOU!  My main cause is to teach people the proper way to eat, exercise and live.  Secondary is fighting all those who harm others with their advice… names Big Pharma, Big Food, Monsanto and the Medical Industry… which includes the American Diabetes Association.

6. Minimize the Swagger

Ok, some may think this is a weak point of mine… BUT I disagree.   Yes I am confident in what I say… but I am not bragging or boastful.  I frequently tell people…

It is so simple a caveman can do it!

If I can do it, anyone can do it!


7. Give it a Shot

AMEN!! … why do people continue to do the things, eat the things that have made them SICK!!!

Yet they will not try a simple diet change that they KNOW helps others.  Sigh.


8. Hop off the Bandwagon

I will admit… when I first heard about “The Primal Blueprint” … I thought wow! This is cool! It’s unique and has a certain sexiness about it. I LIKE IT! :)


9. Grow a Pair

In other words… take a chance, be brave!  Why NOT try something new.

Try eating, moving and LIVING like I do!!!


10. Ignore the scolds. 

This is referring to the naysayers. The whiners, complainers and ‘middle of the road’ eat a balanced diet folks.

Listening to these people will guarantee you one thing… you will remain the in the downward spiraling health journey… and we know where it leads.



This article’s main points dovetail what I try to show people….

“To THRIVE and not just survive”

“To not only add more years to your life but also more life to your years.”


Go to and immerse yourself (like I did) or buy “The Primal Blueprint” at any major bookstore.

Try to be more interesting… and improve your health at the same time!!