Primal Eggnog

I truly love this low carb eggnog! It’s nutritious, delicious and diabetes friendly! Add alcohol and it’s a great holiday adult beverage. :D

  • very versatile, adaptable and diabetes friendly
  • high fat, very low carb, moderate protein

This paleo eggnog is very simple, with only a few ‘real food” ingredients. So EASY… a caveman can do it!


This drink is very versatile. The nutritional data is below, but this festive holiday drink can also be a meal or snack replacement!  You can thank me later.

Diabetes Friendly Eggnog

This low carb paleo eggnog is truly diabetic friendly.  In fact it’s very high fat, very low carb and moderate protein. Perfect for diabetics seeking to control blood sugars. See the nutritional panel below.

Eggnog: The Base

With this ‘base’ you can mix and match many ingredients.

1) Pour a cup of Heavy Cream (approximately 8 oz) into the blender.

Half and half will also work as well as regular milk if you want lowER fat, but remember milk has carbs… so use sparingly.

If you are dairy intolerant you can use unsweetened coconut or almond milk as alternatives. If you are diabetic, check the carb totals.

2) Add 2 whole eggs and 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract. 

You can add three whole eggs for a creamier shake or even better, just 3 – 4 egg yolks with the vanilla extract.

To make this ‘paleo eggnog’ … you have to break some eggs! :)

3) Then BLEND with a stick blender, blender or food processor.

4) Pour into glass with a ‘dusting’ of nutmeg (I prefer cinnamon).

High Fat Low Carb Paleo Shake
Cinnamon “Dusting”

Low Carb Paleo Alternatives

These are additional ways to change up the shakes, mix and match to your tastes or goals.

  •  1/2 cup of coffee.  This adds, a coffee taste… go figure! :)   Experiment and add more if you like.
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp of cocoa

 Combine any or all of the above optional ingredients … it’s AWESOME! 

  • Even add a protein powder to increase the protein content. I do occasionally use protein powders.

 Adding Alcohol – Adult Beverages

This recipe is so versatile.  I experimented with whiskey and rum.  My favorite by far was adding ‘vanilla flavored rum’.   If you use the vanilla flavored alcohol, omit the vanilla extract or adjust to fit your tastes.

I love this as an adult beverage vehicle.

It is my favorite holiday drink!!

Alcohol with a high fat diet DOES cause me weight gain, so I use this recipe with alcohol very sparingly. :)

Diabetes Friendly Nutrition Data

Check out the nutritional information below.    The shake is high fat, low carb … it’s a purrrrfect meal replacement! Low carb, high fat, moderate protein and diabetes friendly! :)

Low Carb (Zero Carb) Protein Powder

I recommend eating ‘real foods’.  That means obtaining protein from ‘real foods’, like meat.

Still, I like to keep a container of protein around for occasional use.  The powder below comes highly recommended from several friends who use it, I have not used it yet but I plan on doing so.

It’s listed as Zero carb, so moderate protein consumption from this powder should have a negligible effect on blood sugars.

zero carb protein powder
Zero Carb Protein Powder

Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

If your blood sugars are elevated and you cannot achieve truly normal blood sugars with diet alone…

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6 thoughts on “Primal Eggnog”

  1. Truthisnotallowed

    I have yet to be able to consume raw eggs without some discomfort afterward. I don’t know why this is. This is even with eggs from a friend who had very well-fed birds who were outside all day eating what they should eat….no soy either.

    Question: you mentioned elsewhere that dairy (specifically milk, I think) gives you distress. Have you tried raw milk? It has all the enzymes intact for good digestion……just a suggestion.

    1. Trust, a friend read your comment and wanted me to suggest eating just the yolks raw.

      He said the albumin in the whites was difficult for some to digest. Let me know if it helps.


  2. Holiday Eggnog is traditionally made with the above eggnog with a shot of brandy and a dash of nutmeg on top. Southern Comfort also works well in place of brandy.

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