Karen Bragg Gales’ Story

This post is about Karen Bragg Gales’ weight loss and Diabetes Type 2  Success Story. :)  Above is a picture of Karen … oh…and now that she is successfully treating her Diabetes T2 with diet and exercise… I call her “oK BG”….  :)

Here is Karen’s STORY!!!!  READ IT AND HEED IT!!!!


Five years ago, I went in for my annual physical. Lab results showed triglyceride numbers were so high, they could not be measured. According to the doctor, this was an indication of diabetes, and after testing his suspicions proved correct.

While this came as a shock, I should not have been surprised — my mom has been on insulin since age 40 and my brother is diabetic, both are Type 2 Diabetics. I can tell you I WAS surprised and angry! For I believed as I had been told….that this meant I would be spending the rest of my life taking meds or insulin!!!

Five years forward …

The challenges did not get easier; I have a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions – Metformin, Januvia, Glimepiride, Crestor, Zetia, Tricor and Lovaza. All these medications are to manage my diabetes and heart disease, taken on a daily basis.

In January 2009, I was referred to an endocrinologist who urged me to consider a low-carb diet and exercise plan. During this time, I had cut out all “whites” from my diet – no white sugar, no white flour and no white potatoes. My lab results were showing very little improvements, so they would continue to increase/adjust medications.

November 2009, our local YMCA had a “Holiday Trimming.” This was a 5-week holiday fitness program to help lose weight during the holidays, or to keep from gaining anymore. Four of my co-workers and I formed a team of 5 for five weeks and took on the challenges each week. I realized when week 5 was over, I was hooked! I am now a member of the YMCA!

I had been tracking Steve Cooksey’s facebook page for some time. That is where I was introduced to the Paleo/Primal Diet. Everything I have read indicated this diet is not only a great diet for blood sugar levels, but also good for heart disease.

Timing is everything, Steve was starting a Fitness Challenge on the MMX  website and it started on January 2, 2010. I had a new membership to the YMCA and since I already removed all whites from my diet, the only item left was wheat, so the transition was not too difficult.

Within the first month of following the Primal Diet, I was able to get off all three of my diabetes medications (I NEVER imagined this to be possible!). I have lost 16 pounds, and have gone from a size 14 to an 8 in clothes!!! Not only was I overweight, but I was out of shape and out of energy. In just three months I’ve had more energy and drive than I can ever remember having…and it’s been so easy!

My next appointment with the endocrinologist is in April. I’m looking forward to positive lab work. My goal is to work towards getting off more medications – stay tuned!
Karen Gale


Below are the most up to date numbers from lab work completed last week. As you can see… improvement in all areas. This is “testimony” to the success of “The Primal Blueprint” and to Karen’s level of determination to exercise and eat a healthy meal plan.

…and “oh by the way”…she’s now down 25 lbs!!! :)


Thanks to Karen for sharing her story with us. As you may know, I had a similar success story…ridding myself of diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol medications PLUS I no longer take insulin shots. I am drug and insulin FREE!

My goal is to bring you additional Paleo / Primal success stories …. stay tuned!!!

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  1. I had the same thing! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Eating high-carb, heart-healthy foods, after coming off a “junk food” diet-I was doing what I was “supposed” to do and ended up 5’8″~ and 210 lbs. and with symptoms of diabetes T2. I had my FBG down to 75 when I got into the Dr., but my urine test was “a mess”. This was in 2006. I ended up getting down to a low of 149 lbs. and a 31″~ waist by getting off the fast food, processed food, and the “carbage” that the ADA and AHA would have us eat. I DO NOT take meds for T2 or cholesterol, etc. I take aspirin for a headache, and do take B,C,D vitamins. Lately, I cut out wheat and glutens in December 2009. What a difference! More and more, I am convinced that Humans were not intended to eat grains, rather, not the grains of today. If Grok the Caveman could find it about 10k years ago, or more, then I’ll eat it. “Somebody bring me a dead animal!” – That’s the ticket. Great story, Karen! Know that you are not alone in this. First thing, the Dr. wanted to start writing prescriptions. I said NO. Eventually, he told me to STOP losing weight. I wasn’t even trying, either. High fat, high protein, low carb is the ticket for all diabetics in eliminating (T2) or reducing (T1) the need for medications. We must not allow our fellow “D’s” to fall victim to Big Pharma and their minions!

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