It would be comical … if not so sad.

If it appears that I am attempting to embarrass  “ADA Minions” …  sometimes situations are as they appear.   :)

The conversation below is based on talks that not only I have had with Certified Diabetes Educators but from numerous reports from other Diabetics.  So this is a true representation of what many are hearing … and it is DEAD wrong.

I’ve been sub 50g of carbs for 14 months (and usually sub 30g) … when are YOU going to stop listening to the American Diabetes Association’s harmful advice?  Their diabetes diet is designed to keep you on ever increasing amounts of drugs and insulin. It will also require that you pay for the services of  ADA Minion to assist you in your diabetes management.

Wake up…before it is too late.

CLICK on the image below for larger print, if needed.

I urge you all to but especially diabetics and the obese to follow my meal plan … view it here.

4 thoughts on “It would be comical … if not so sad.”

  1. They’d hate me. The only carbs I got yesterday was from 1 tablespoon of Texas Pete’s and 1 large carrot out of the 2.25 lb. roast from the crock pot mix!

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