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My Diabetes Moments …past 24 hours

Just wanted to give you a snap shot of my past 24 hours…ending this morning.  It was a pretty solid time for me.  I have  Type 2 Diabetes… yes I am a diabetic who takes  -0- drugs , -0- insulin since March ’09. I do follow, The Primal Blueprint, Click here for more info.

Yesterday morning started out fantastic. The picture  above is my lowest recorded Overnight Fasting Blood Glucose since weaning off drugs/insulin…. FYI, Normal is 70-100  … so I was doing the happy dance after seeing these results.

Next came my lunch but as Mary Titus would say… since it was my first meal of the day it was actually a “Break-Fast”, since it ended my fasting from the previous day. You can also say the Avocado was Nutritious and Delicious! hmmm I love them . :)

Note: After removing the seed, just scoop out the “meat” of the avocado … use the skin as a bowl.

Dinner was “standard” for me… all foods low in carbs. I call it my meat & eggs. The “meat” was smoked ham, which was -0- carb… it’s difficult to find ham with  -0- carbs, at least for me. I found a brand, Kentucky Legend Smoked Ham at Walmart.    My daily carb totals according to was sub 28 grams.  My daily goal is 30g of carbs and I usually achieve that goal.  Max on the Bed

My next “Diabetes Moment” occurred after I went to bed.  A lack of sleep has always been an issue for me. Last night, I went to bed and fell to sleep quickly…So what is the issue ???

I woke up at 1:00 am … thanks to MAX!!!! :)   Max had jumped up in bed with me… and this alone would not be an issue but he’s got  an ear infection and he shakes his ears violently several times a minute…. so there was no way I was going to sleep without giving his ears a treatment of peroxide and apple cider vinegar.   The solution does help…but he does shake even more for an hour or so… I finally went to sleep around 3:00 AM.

For breakfast this morning…more evidence of my low carb diet…  I had 6 eggs, a cup or so of broccoli and several strips of bacon. All told I estimate 16.8 grams of carbs, if you subtract the 6 g of fiber, I still had 10 grams of carbohydrates. That’s on the high side for me as I have been averaging less than 10g a day….total carbs, not net.

My last Diabetes Moment is FINALLY HERE! YAY!!! :)

I rarely test my Blood Sugar anymore other than a weekly Overnight Fasting on Wednesdays. BUT I tested the other day after exercise (read an 82) so I wanted to test an hour after eating breakfast…especially after eating a substantial amount of carbs (for me). Here is my 1 hour post meal Blood Glucose reading…. I was very happy with this result.

MY 1 hr post meal reading on 10g of net carbs.
MY 1 hr post meal reading on 10g of net carbs.

Especially after a night of less than restful sleep. Studies show that even one sleepless night can cause insulin resistance. Click here to read about the study.

I urge you to investigate and then try to live primally for one month.   30 days to a “new you”…
Living Primally will reduce your inflammation and you will feel better….. what have you got to lose?
To view more information on the Primal Blueprint and Reprograming Your Genes for Effortless Weight Loss

To view more information on my low carb food pyramid, click here.

Do you need “hands on” support to transition to a healthy lifestyle? Click Here.

7 thoughts on “My Diabetes Moments …past 24 hours”

  1. Low Carb is the TRUE PATH Brother!!! Let me break down my day to support you:
    OFBG – 80, Then after happy dancing, I had (3) eggs, (3) slices of bacon, (2) tbl spoon CO.
    2Hr post prandial – 101…21 point jump, but still acceptable. Then I went to the dentist to have my gums assulted (I recently broke a crown and they needed to get at the bone structure). I tested when I got back to work at 10:40 expecting a stress related spike… 87, DAMN GOOD! Then before my lunch of Spiced Ground Beef & Broccoli, I tested one more time . . 87 again POW!
    So far today I’m at 15gms Carbs, bleeding sore gums, and rock solid BG.

    Primal for LIFE!!!

    Rock on Brother!

  2. … WOO HOOO!!!! I am so happy for you BRO!!! Those are truly awesome and envious numbers!!!!

    Very happy for you… your hard work and dedication is paying off … in SPADES!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing that Brian

  3. Your doing great Steve!! Your blood sugars are awesome. I
    did the fit day thing my total fat for day was 49% which is probably too high .I am still losing weight though and I am almost insulin free.

  4. You set a wonderful Example my friend!
    Thank you, but I have to argue, yes, going primal takes dedication and a little planning, but it isn’t hard. Actually it makes things simple for me at least. I know what I’m cooking for each meal or if I go out, I either know exactly what I’m getting (from a little internet research) OR I stick with the tried and true no-risk options. “Grilled Critter, no fancy sauce, a nice leafy salad, a tall cold iced-tea”. You can find that in almost any restaurant. But I digress as I’m prone to do. Going Primal is EASY! Especially once you see results like you have and I have… It gets easier every day…

  5. Congrats Brian & Steve! Awesome for you both. Keep leading by example and more will continue to follow!

  6. Thank you Ruth. :)

    My fat grams as a percentage of calories typically fall in the 55-75% range … so I would disagree that your fat percentage is too high, if you are talking about calories from fat…. Steve

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