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Summary of Diabetes Educator Rants

I placed the date in the title for a reason…. I do not have high hopes for a change in the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE). In case I am right, I want to be able to use the same title next year… :(

Why am I so negative about the outlook?

Answer: NUMEROUS studies have been published showing Low Carb PALEO is THE BEST diet for ….

1) Weight Loss

2) Diabetes

3) Heart Health

** I know, I know…there have been studies muddying the water…but they are likely bought and paid for by BigPharma or Monsanto.

Diabetic Shot
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Why do I say that??

Answer: Because we know studies are biased by those who pay for them AND l personally KNOW many who have ….

1) Lost weight and kept it off.

2) Controlled BG (while reducing drugs and/or insulin)

3) IMPROVED Blood / Cholesterol tests.

** BTW, all the above mirrors my own PERSONAL experience.  IN FACT, every person that does Low Carb Paleo … EVERY SINGLE ONE, reduces DRUGS and INSULIN….

GIVEN the studies and numerous personal “testimonies”… how is it possible that “LOW CARB” was not even mentioned at the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE)?

I checked the program guides… no mention.

I checked the “tweets” of the giddy attendees … so happy to throw praise on the speakers and the AADE group as a whole…

I even checked the blogs of some of the attendees AND personally asked many ….

NO one could or would acknowledge that LOW CARB was a topic of any speaker, meeting or “mastermind group” … obviously,  I use the term “mastermind” very loosely.

Summary of Diabetes Educator Rants (2010)

Below are the posts from last week’s ADA and AADE Rants…. if you missed one I urge you to read them… so you will have a better idea of what we are up against.  When I say “we”… I do not mean diabetics. I mean “we” as people living on this planet.  The monied interests of BigPharma and  BigAgra (Monsanto) will be difficult to overcome.


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