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ADA Minion Spotlight

This is just a teaser…. a snippet of an email from an ADA Minion.

The ADA (American Diabetes Ass) promotes a meal plan that is LOADED with carbs.  IF YOU doubt that the ADA MEAL PLAN is a high carbohydrate meal plan… please review my post HERE.

I am a diabetic and since my diagnosis, ALL I have heard from the ADA and it’s supporters (which I call Minions) is that ALL DIABETICS MUST CONSUME large amounts of carbohydrates to LIVE… function… to exist!   Of course, they do not tell you it is high carb, OH NO…they tell you their meal plan is low carb…but I assure you, it is not.

In trying to convince Type 2 Diabetics to try a truly low carb primal / paleo meal plan, I often hear, “My Certified Diabetic Educator (CDE) says that I need 120g of carbs just for brain function.” or “my nutritionist says that I need to eat 60g of carbs per meal minimum just to survive”.  HONESTLY, I thought that these people were “mistaken” …. that they were “hearing what they wanted to hear” because NO ONE ever told me that….. until recently.


Back in June , I posted a food picture, as I routinely do. A woman posted a comment, “you are missing carbs”. Immediately, I knew that this was likely an ADA Minion…or someone “instructed by one”.  So I sent her an email …here are the first two exchanges. …..

ADA Minion
ADA Minion

WOO HOO!  ….. Right here it is, she gave me what I was looking for early on… I’ve always wanted someone to tell me, in writing that I need 120 grams of carbs.

1) She is wrong… your body does NOT need 120 grams of carbohydrates to function. In fact, your body needs -0- carbohydrates to function. I do not “promote” a Zero Carb meal plan…. I am just stating a fact… you do not need them to function.  A few carbs a day from LOW CARB vegetable sources are actually healthy in my opinion.

2) She’s saying we need more than 120 grams of carbohydrates.

3) She makes a terribly cruel comment about someone we ALL owe much… Dr. Atkins.
More to follow over the weekend….

I have been on a SUB 50g meal plan for a year now…. I AM doing great mentally and physically.
DO NOT LET AN ADA MINION lie to you…. go low carb PRIMAL for your health.


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  1. Wow- since I don't have enough carbs for my brain to function, I'm not sure how I can even type this. I mean, how in the hell have I been running websites, taking care of a 3 year old, and exercising if I don't even have enough carbs to make my brain work. What a crock of BS!! It's no wonder people are so confused with all of the WRONG information being shoved in their faces.

  2. What is interesting is that Dr. Eades says that the amount of glucose actually needed on a daily basis, by the entire body, is equal to a teaspoon of sugar. A teaspoon of sugar has more than 120 grams of carbs?

  3. Through Gluconeogenesis, the body makes all the glucose it needs. We do not need to consume any carbohydrates for brain nor body function. Ketones help with our energy needs as well.

    I would hope this ADA Minion was just confused….but unfortunately this same misinformation is dished out to diabetics every day …. too often for it to be a Mis-understanding….they are just giving out harmful advice.

  4. Yeah, Steve…if glucogenesis did not exist, mankind would not have survived long enough to develop Wonderbread or Post Toasties or Pop Tarts. Or whole grain cereals. You know what my doctor told me when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes? He told be to watch my carbs. So basically he was telling me to eat fewer carbs than what I was presently consuming, which was very few. He knew that I was doing low carb, yet he told me to watch my carbs because evidently I was consuming too many. One thing I can tell you is that my carb intake was way, way, way lower than 120 grams. Basically it is just as low now, I just don't allow myself the cheats. Plus some other tweaks.

    If I ate the way my diabetic class teaches, ADA guidelines, I know I would be diabetic now. My doctor tells me to watch my carbs and he sends me to diabetic class. Once you've receiived a diagnosis of some form of insulin reisitance, you're automatically sent to diabetic class. What is wrong with this picture? My husband read the booklets that are given out in the classroom. He is not low carb but he read the booklets and he said “You don't believe this do you?!?!?!?

  5. TIffany, likewise, as you can see in my picture I am a flutist. How the hell am I able to play the flute without a brain? How the hell can I lift my flute without efficient muscle tone. The flute looks light but it is held in a very awkward position. It has caused many injuries throughut the ages when people do not hold it correctly, not only to the shoulders but also the fingers. Also, when that picture was taken with my friend, Billy on guitar, We are playing a composition of his that I had no idea how I would play. Afterall, I had not practiced this song although I was familiar with it. He just told me what he wanted us to play as a duet. He just told me the key that the music was played in and in a matter of seconds we played this as if it were a prepared piece. Also, I am in the process of completing a musical arrangement for flute choir…it takes a brain to do that, sorry ADA, but it takes a brain to compose music. It takes a brain to bring glucose levels down to normal AND it takes a brain to even know how to spell “glucose”. I can go on and on but my brain needs to prepare tomorrow's lessons for the music students that I will be teaching tomorrow…without many carbs. I hope I remember how to get to the teaching facility.

  6. Based on our verbal “skirmishes” … I can vouch for the “I have a brain” comments AND you do burpees…so I would guess that your muscles are not wilting away. :) Thanks for the comment.

  7. EGGZactly… “harvard trained” educators are deceiving people. What makes it worse…the people have to pay for this painful, life-shortening advice….

  8. Steve,

    Although I've only checked this a couple of times, but, I notice that every time I consume MCT oil or coconut oil, I will experience a rise in my glucose levels. How does that happen? Do these oils contain carbohydrates?

    Steve, you mean I have muscles? 8-)

  9. Coconut Oil … only has carbs if you add them…. I thought you stopped adding sugar to your Coconut Oil??? :))
    Just Kidding…kidder. :)

    BG meters can vary 20-30% (if I am not mistaken) … how much does it rise? Less than a donut?? :)

  10. Hmmm, we measure blood glucose gy doughnuts…that sounds pretty good dont'it ;-) . I don't remember but it was at least by 5 points. I will get back to you on that.

    1. Not to down play your results…but 5 pts… ain’t much. It’s likely to vary that much if you measured two times in a row… it has for me. So I would not be worried about 5pts…but that’s me. :)

      I have measured CO and Butter before after Dr. Davis “butter post” and neither affected my BG but they varied 5-10 points each time. Make sense?

  11. Not to down play your results…but 5 pts… ain't much. It's likely to vary that much if you measured two times in a row… it has for me. So I would not be worried about 5pts…but that's me. :)

    I have measured CO and Butter before after Dr. Davis “butter post” and neither affected my BG but they varied 5-10 points each time. Make sense?

  12. Whew, I am back. You know, I tested right after I posted this and my blood glucose went up 3 pts. I checked it again about 5 minutes later and it had gone down 4 pts. One thing for sure. Either way, it did not go above 100.carbohydrates would have had a much different affect on my blood glucose. Hmmm, I would wager that carbohydrates causes diabetes.

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