Sugar Ass. and Diabetes Educators

If you were the President of the national group representing diabetes educators, would you cozy up to a group dedicated to promoting their harmful products to the diabetics?  The American Association of Diabetes Educators does.

  • The Sugar Ass. had a booth at the national diabetes educator’s convention.
  • The Diabetes Educators group was applauding their booth, not denigrating it.

There are 29 million diabetics in JUST the U.S. who are NOT getting the appropriate diabetes care instructions. In fact they are being instructed on the ADA’s “Carb up and Shoot Up” meal plan.


Sugar Association... = Sugar Lobby
Sugar Association… = Sugar Lobby

Above is a tweet showing the Sugar Ass. was in attendance at the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) convention in 2010. Later in the post I’ll show you their actual booth.


Abbreviations and Definitions

They use a hashtag #AADE2010 for their convention.

AADE = American Association of Diabetes Educators ….these are the people tasked with educating Diabetics. They are holding their annual convention this week. Good times were had by all…according to the tweets.

I will often use American Ass. of Diabetes Educators…for brevity of course.

The Sugar Association, is the lobby group for…  sugar. Again, for brevity I often refer to them as Sugar Ass.

Diabetes Educator’s Convention

There has been a lot of “back slapping” and congratulatory talk on twitter at the AADE convention … enough to make me sick to be honest.

I was reviewing the tweets regarding the convention and the various topics… NO mention of low carb as a treatment for diabetes.   I found the Convention schedules and read about the major speaker topics… Low Carb was not on the list.

I don’t recommend it… but if you want you can Click here for the Convention Website , not much here of value.

Here are “Program Guides” for the two day event… I searched them… NOT ONE mention of low carb meal plan as a treatment for Diabetes….   Click Here for Day 1 and Here for Day 2.

Everyone I know that goes Low Carb Primal lowers drugs and insulin… EVERYONE , most wean off completely. Why would the AADE not discuss it….. why are they NOT screaming … “GO LOW CARB!” ?

Sadly …. here’s one reason why…. the Sugar Lobby has a booth at the AADE meeting…..

Here ‘s a picture of the booth…. can’t imagine Cocaine Dealers or Jack Daniels having a booth at the “Drug and Alcohol Counselor’s Convention”… but who knows.

Sugar Lobby’s Booth at AADE Convo

Here is a picture of the Sugar Association’s Mission Statement… from their website. You can click here for their website.

Sugar Lobby's Mission Statement
Sugar Lobby’s Mission Statement

The Sugar Lobby admits that it’s purpose is to lie/deceive people that sugar is part of a healthy diet… sounds like the American Diabetes Association… or as I like to say, “American Diabetes Ass. ” .  Of course, I’m sure the ADA is well paid for telling diabetics that.   Ok… I confess…the mission statement does not say that explicitly…but we all know that sugar is not healthy.

Sugar Lobby Contact Info
Sugar Lobby Contact Info

Lastly… isn’t it odd that The Sugar Association’s headquarters are not in California or the Midwest???   I did not know that Sugar crops were big in Washington DC….
Wait! …. unless it makes it easier to bribe governmental and quasi governmental officials with their SUGAR money…. NOW that makes sense.

There are MANY other REASONS why AADE’s do not promote a low carb meal plan… besides reducing income for themselves…there is also the pressure of accepting monies from these corporations….all who sponsored last year’s event. You can view the full list here….. it is a cornucopia ….a smorgasbord of  DIABETIC Profiteers.  The list below represents about half the list.


NOW… do you see why I get depressed at times???

BUT have no fear…we shall  “ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE!” … Lone Watie, “Outlaw Josey Wells”

Every single diabetic that goes  Low Carb Primal reduces drugs, reduces insulin… and improves heart health.  Add to that the NUMEROUS studies showing the very same thing…yet, at the Annual AADE Convention…not a mention of it can be found.

The absence speaks VOLUMES about who their “constituents” truly are.

8 thoughts on “Sugar Ass. and Diabetes Educators”

  1. U N B E L I E V A B L E !!!! Wonder where the HFCS booth is – probably planning to get in next year. And people wonder why diabetes is on the rise, when in fact the ADA is condoning sugar use…

  2. i do see why you get depressed sometimes. i do too. it is like banging your head against a brick wall… it just hurts.

  3. Thanks for the comment Sharon. The ship of conventional wisdom is moving … I do believe that. We see more and more evidence weekly…. but it moves to slow to help many. BUT IT”S COMING!!! : )

  4. Thanks Tiffany. It truly is UNBELIEVABLE! … if this were a movie …we'd think….”nah! this could never happen in real life”. … sadly … it has.

  5. Steve,
    if anyone still thinks our so called health care system is designed to keep us healthy, they probably think Wall street regulators are there to keep the “little guy investor” from losing their shirts. Us Health care is about disease management.
    It could be worse.If they weren't so focused making sure we all get our lipitor, they'd be going for the root of the problem, or what they think it is. They'd tax the Sat fats that are getting me thin and keeping you in Chuck Norris shape. Keep doing what you do, Steve- letting people know what really works!

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