July and August 2010 Food Journal Summary

My Food Journal Since July 1, ’10

I have not posted a Food Journal Summary in awhile… so here is an update on the execution of my low carb food pyramid.

Instead of ranting against the American Diabetes Association or their Minions … a brief repose from ADA basing…. *ha* :)

I log every thing I eat into the fitday.com food journal, it’s relatively quick, easy ….and it’s free.  I do log wine, or any other carb containing drink, but I do not log water, tea nor coffee.

** If you are struggling with weight loss, diabetes, blood glucose control or health in general… I STRONGLY urge you to maintain a food journal for at least a week or two.

Another reason I like fitday.com, you can share your journal with others. Click Here for  mine… if you want me to look at yours, you can send me the link to my email address.  [email protected]

Below is a summary of my food journal since 7/1/10.


– I weighed 164 lbs this morning…. my weight has remained in the 160’s for almost a year.

– I exercise at least 5 days a week…so I am maintaining my energy levels.

– My Blood Glucose has remained in the normal ranges…normal for non-diabetics. :)

– I do not eat the “carb up and shoot up” high carb, low fat meal plan of the FDA / ADA.  Click here for my meal plan.


July and August 2010 Food Journal Summary
July and August 2010 Food Journal Summary



Observations    – these are mine… what are yours? :)

59 % of calories from FAT!!! … keep in mind I do NOT eat hydrogenated vegetable oils… only animal or plant fat. The only plant fats I eat are coconut oil and virgin olive oil.

61+ grams of saturated fats...  AND I LIVE!!!  *ha* … studies are coming out seemingly weekly showing that SATURATED FATs do not cause heart disease.

Polyunsaturated Fats are low… both in grams and in percentage… that’s by design!

Protein Grams are higher recently but as long as Blood Glucose does not rise … I am fine with it.

Carbohydrates… *haha* …  sub 9 grams per day since JULY 1st!!!!   Woot!!

– Interesting note about carbs… per ADA Minions… I should not have the brain capacity to write this post… but I do. Hmmmm.

Reminder, you can see my daily food journal here….  Click Here for  mine

Take care and GO PRIMAL!!!


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