Irresponsible Diabetes Leadership


Instead they harm millions with it’s policies and the horrible examples they set. Deb Greenwood is just another example of the irresponsible diabetes leadership that has been plaguing the diabetes culture for decades.

Diabetes Educator Promotes High Carb Junk

You can listen to people like Courtney “Toxic Sludge” Slater …. someone who read that soy, hydrogenated veggie oils and whole grains are healthy in a book.

Or you can listen to people like me… people who are actually successfully managing diabetes with a truly diabetic friendly meal plan. People who are actually THRIVING!!! The choice is up to you.

Certified Diabetes Educator Responds

I’ve had many online ‘exchanges’ with medical industry professionals including doctors, nutritionists and diabetes educators. I share posts like these to educate people on how to argue or win discussions with their medical industry professionals. Medical Industry professionals are not gods, they are all fallible. Medical Industry professionals are trained in large measure by Big …

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Financial Disclosure for Diabetes Advisors? – Nascar Jacket Style?

Update: Since I originally wrote this post  much has been made about the ‘money connections’ with  members of the government. the medical industry should wear nascar-style jackets. government officials should wear nascar-style jackets. A suggestion was made that people in government should wear uniforms like Nascar drivers showing who is ‘sponsoring’ them. Personally I agree.   …

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Sugar Ass. and Diabetes Educators

If you were the President of the national group representing diabetes educators, would you cozy up to a group dedicated to promoting their harmful products to the diabetics?  The American Association of Diabetes Educators does. The Sugar Ass. had a booth at the national diabetes educator’s convention. The Diabetes Educators group was applauding their booth, not denigrating …

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