I Tried to Ignore This …Pathetic Diabetes Advice

When you read this post … keep in mind that people pay for this “PATHETIC ADVICE!” … people buy her books based on this… luckily only a few poor saps read her blog posts.


I wrote several posts about “High Carb” Hope Warshaw recently and I REALLY want to “let it go” … but I can’t.  She continues publishing incorrect information … wrong information that is harming everyone but especially diabetics.

1st post – after discovering “High Carb” Hope Warshaw was a speaker at the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators national convention… SHE is going to educate Certified Diabetes Educators on … carb consumption… HA!

2nd Post is my commentary on the Interview that “High Carb” Hope Warshaw did with Dr. Bernstein on D-life … if you do not know who Dr. Bernstein is… CLICK HERE.

3rd post was a discussion about a TOTALLY PATHETIC post that “High Carb” Hope did called “Diabetes Dogma” … it was the worst… MOST harmful post I’ve ever read.


…. like I said… 3 posts was enough… or so I thought.

I checked in at High Carb Hope’s blog the other day and she has written a follow up post that is equally DISTURBING.

How can someone be so wrong???   I’ll tell you how.

1) Willful Ignorance

2) Intellectual Laziness

3) Greed

4) All of the above.


Let’s Look at Quotes from her post … as much as it pains me… we need to let the ‘light of day’ shine on her lies and deceptions.

First Quote:

Today, most experts (including American Diabetes Association and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) agree that people with type 2 should start on a blood glucose lowering medication which focuses on decreasing insulin resistance – the core problem in type 2 – at diagnosis.

First of all … the American Diabetes Ass. is NOT an expert on anything EXCEPT pushing a high carb meal plan that causes it’s adherents to require an ever increasing amount of drugs and insulin.   They call diabetes a progressive disease… and it is IF you eat their ‘diabetes diet’.

Second, I went to see an “Endo” … once. She told me to stop eating eggs… never went back. I’ve seen “Endos” promote high carb cookies for diabetics…so an “ENDO” endorsement means nothing to me.

Lastly and MOST importantly… notice they mention nothing about lowering carbohydrates.   Do THAT and it is likely that you will not need their drugs… but then you would not need to pay for “High Carb” Hope’s advice either.

IF lower blood glucose is the Main problem (and it is) … then why NO mention of a low carb meal plan??? … It has been PROVEN repeatedly in studies to lower blood sugar. We are about to find out why…


Second Quote

New Reality: Nutrition recommendations for people with type 2 diabetes from American Diabetes Association and other health authorities echo the recently unveiled U.S. 2010 Dietary Guidelines(1/31/11) for carbohydrate: about 45 to 65% of calories (Americans currently eat about 45- 50% of calories as carbohydrate – not a “high carb” intake).

There she goes again … calling the American Diabetes Ass. … ‘health authorities” … as we used to say in my youth … “I call BS on that.” The ADA is an authority in one thing… RAISING MONEY!   From the ignorant public as well as their ADA Minion comrades who benefit from their pathetic drug inducing ‘nutritional guidelines’.

Glad that “High Carb” Hope finally showed her true colors… so … she supports a 45-65% of calories from carbs … WOW.   For the typical

Countless research studies do not show long term (greater than six months to a year) benefit of low carb diets on blood glucose, weight control or blood fats.

This is a bold face lie. I know there are ‘studies’ bought and paid for by Monsanto, PepsiCo and Big Pharma that ‘prove’ this… but she’s ignoring ALL the evidence that shows the opposite.

Exhibit A – ME!!! :) … and ALL those that follow a similar meal plan and have reduced drugs and insulin… and who are THRIVING with diabetes thanks to a low carb primal lifestyle.  You can read about a few of the MANY!!  by Clicking Here. There is also people like Dr. Bernstein (type 1) who has been living a paleo lifestyle for DECADES and has no diabetic complications …and he’s in his 70’s.

NOTE: I’ve been living ‘low carb’ for OVER two years… so do not LIE and say it does not work.  I have been ‘fully’ primal for more than 18 mos.


Exhibit B – There are so many studies now showing low carb as an excellent tool for diabetes / blood glucose control.  Here’s three … of many.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eREuZEdMAVo – this is a video of Dr. Gardner, a PhD vegetarian nutritionist who conducted a study of 5 diets …  Low Carb was best for Heart Health, Glucose control and Weight Loss…. and this from an avowed vegetarian…    It’s long video but well worth the time.

So the TRUTH is out there… you just have to …



3. NOT be blinded by GREED.

… which gets me back to why the Monsanto, PepsiCo, Big Pharma and Certified Diabetes Educators LOVE the AMERICAN DIABETES Association’s “Diabetes DIET”.  …. it makes them big bucks.


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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