Beef Tongue is Diabetes Friendly

Opening your mind and your dietary palate when battling diabetes or any disease is important?  Why?

  • You must open your mind to new ways of managing diabetes, any disease.
  • Expanding your palate will give you additional nutrient dense foods to eat.


Opening your palate will not only give you greater food options, which is very important.  Opening your palate will also increase the nutrient density of the foods you eat.

beef tongue is diabetes friendly


Eating “nose to tail” is more nutrient dense without question. Many of us eat less nutritious foods, or even harmful foods… while requiring drugs and supplements, while getting sicker and sicker.


Beef Tongue is Diabetes Friendly

Due to the ‘taboo’ nature of beef tongue… pictures are at the end of the post.  :P

Organ meats (offal) should be a part of everyone’s  diet but this is especially true for diabetics. Why?   Food from animals, in their natural state are low carb and nutrient dense. They are definitely part of my ‘diabetic diet” and I have normal blood sugar for non-diabetics.

Lower in carbs and nutritious = beef tongue is diabetes friendly. :)


Nutritional Values of Organ Meats

Tongue is an organ and organ meats are more nutritious than non-organ meats.  Below is a picture comparing Beef Tongue, Beef Heart and Beef Liver with Ground Beef’s Nutritional Panels.

** click to view enlarged picture.



1) Beef Tongue is the first panel and you can see that it is VERY HIGH in animal fats, second only to the 80/20 ground beef.  This explains why it is so tender…and it IS!  By the way, I believe the high levels of saturated fats are a good thing.

2) Beef Tongue also has 4g of carbs per 100g, so don’t gorge on beef tongue. :) 

3) The Protein / Fat / Carb nutritional panel only tells part of the story…. BELOW is the vitamin and mineral totals. As you can see BEEF TONGUE IS NUTRITIOUS!


**  These nutritional panels are all based on 100 grams, which equals about 3.5 ounces.


Organ Meats are Diabetes Friendly

I can’t think of any foods from animals that are not ‘diabetes friendly’, at least none in their natural state.  Of course we must all check nutritional data and ingredients to guard against Big Food adding sugars or more ‘junk’ to real foods.

One ‘food from animals’ that is not diabetes friendly, milk. Even full fat raw milk spikes my blood sugars.



Graphic food pictures of beef tongue … follow.

Proceed at your own risk. :)

In a previous post I discussed Beef Tongue… without graphic pictures.  (click here)

I also included a video of my wife discovering that she was eating beef tongue… some thought it was humorous. :))


Warning…. ok…. You’ve been warned!!!! :)


beef tongue is diabetes friendly
Pre-Cooked picture. Spiced with Cilantro, Tony Chechere’s and Black Pepper in the Grok Pot


beef tongue is diabetes friendly
Plate of Beef Tongue and Onions


beef tongue is diabetes friendly
Sliced Beef Tongue


beef tongue is diabetes friendly
Fatty, delicious and nutritious beef tongue.

Open Your Mind and Your Palate

I urge you all to open your mind… and your dietary palate.  Adding more variety to your menu is a great thing. Especially when the foods are more nutritious and lower carb paleo foods.

I have eaten beef tongue, heart and liver they are all “different” textures from a Ribeye or Hamburger but I like them all.

I will willingly eat them again.

Grass fed, grass finished meat has a much milder flavor, so if you can’t eat organ meats from your local grocery store, try eating grass fed, grass finished beef from a responsible farmer. :)

Organ meats are generally lower in price and higher in nutritional value… THAT IS A WIN / WIN!!!

So set aside your ORGAN MEAT BIGOTRY … open your minds and your mouths to a new world of FLAVOR and textures. :)



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