Diabetes Dogma?

Unquestioned dogma causes much harm. This is true in nearly all aspects of our lives and most certainly true of diabetes care.  The medical industry teaches diabetics ‘false truths’ or dogma every day. Just two examples out of many.

  • must eat 120 grams of carbs per day for brain function alone
  • must eat 4-6 small meals a day, with 45 – 60 grams of carbs per meal


Millions of diabetics suffer every damn  day because of ignorant, diabetes dogma like the examples above. No one epitomizes ‘diabetes dogma’ more so than Hope Warshaw, a self-proclaimed expert on diabetes care and a promoter of much failed, harmful diabetes advice.

diabetes dogma hamrs diabetics


“High Carb” Hope Warshaw and others in the medical industry promote the worst diabetes dogma of them all… a high carb, grain-based, veggie oil based diabetes diet. People repeating what they have been taught without testing and questioning the teachings, causes millions of diabetics much pain and suffering.


Diabetes Dogma

First a definition.



Diabetes care is truly dogmatic, that is a fact.  Every day the medical industry including doctors, nutritionists, diabetes educators etc, all promote a high carb, grain based meal plan for diabetics.  The meal plan keeps diabetics blood sugars elevated requiring more diabetes drugs and more … medical industry services.

Diabetes Dogma is so harmful and yet millions PAY for that advice regularly.


High Carb Hope Warshaw

This Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator is, in her own words…


“…. a nationally recognized author and expert on the subjects of healthy eating and diabetes.”


Hope Warshaw is an expert on promoting herself and diabetes dogma.  Probably no single person has done more to harm diabetics than Hope Warshaw.

She is an expert on how to promote drug use and DRUG abuse. It is EASY TO SEE if you read her pathetic excuse for diabetes advice.


High Carb Hope

In her blog post she demonstrates that she’s more concerned with drug sales, repeat business for her consultancy …than she is concerned for diabetics. So much to choose from but I’ll try to pick only a few quotes to prove my point.

Note: In her blog post, she’s attacking ‘diabetes dogma’, the irony is killing me.


However, even with all of this change many old dogmas hang on. It’s time to be aware of the new realities.  Here I’ve focused on two common old dogmas and the new realities.


This first quote (above) is innocent enough…  but the next one (below) is not.


New Reality: Recent research underscores that type 2 is a progressive disease and the progression is typically kicked off nearly a decade before type 2 is usually diagnosed. Insulin resistance, due to excess weight, mixed with a positive family history, are the common culprits. Prediabetes and type 2 is now  being diagnosed in younger adults and even our children.


It is ONLY progressive if you fail to maintain truly normal blood sugars.  Which is impossible if you EAT the HIGH CARB MEAL PLAN which she supports.  ARGH!!!

She is stuck in her own DOGMA, she’s a pathetic dinosaur who’s peddling 1970’s diabetes treatment as ‘current’.

INSULIN RESISTANCE is due to CARB UP SHOOT UP treatment plan that she PROMOTES!!



Expert guidelines from American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists now recommend starting on a blood glucose lowering medication to treat the insulin resistance at diagnosis.


See her adherence to ‘ordained principles’? Using the authority of the ADA to back up her advice.

Hope and ADA Minion like her, ALL promote getting on drugs early … that way you can continue eating Big Food’s processed foods and taking Big Pharma’s drugs.  Or as I phrased the diabetes protocol years ago,  ‘carbing up and shooting up’.   That’s what makes Hope and the medical industry money, people staying on drugs,  insulin and the need for the diabetes services they provide.


Over the years it’s now known that insulin production will dwindle further. Most people will need a progression of blood glucose lowering medicines


YES if you follow her advice YOU will produce less insulin as your pancreas ‘burns out’ from having to over produce insulin, in order to MOVE all the carbohydrates in her meal plan out of the blood stream.  ARGH!!!!


Worst for Last

All the above is bad enough … but listen to what this charlatan states next…


Old Dogma: Blood glucose control is goal number one and diabetes is all about glucose control.


Here she is claiming blood glucose control is ‘old dogma’!!!

This is so ignorant … so misleading … so DAMNING to ALL diabetics.  OLD DOGMA???

Blood sugar CONTROL is THE KEY.   ALL other complications are caused by IMPROPER CONTROL.

This one statement … and I’m sure she’s told it to her pitiful patients over and over again… has likely caused much pain and suffering. :(


Hope Warshaw, the woman who spewed forth the above HORRIBLE advice … is the current President of the American Association of Diabetes Educators.


This is fitting in a way since the AADE’s corporate sponsors include a ‘who’s who’ of candy, drug and snack manufacturers.   Hope is definitely doing their bidding.    She actually brags about all of the Big Food and Big Pharma she has accepted money from on her own blog. Here is a list of her ‘consultanting clients’. Thanks to Dr. RD Dikeman for this link.

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7 thoughts on “Diabetes Dogma?”

  1. Maybe nutritionists should be required to pass elementary math test as this is literally as simple as 1+2=3.

  2. She’s quite correct in that cardiovascular complications are extremely common for type 2 diabetics.

    Trouble is, she’s got the wrong cause and the wrong solution.

    Most, if not all, the complications of diabetes are caused by inadequate control of blood glucose or are side effects of the drugs used to treat carb overdose.

    Blood glucose control is the #1 priority for *all* diabetics and it needs to be done as far as possible without drugs. Even if you’re on insulin, you still need to eat low-carb to reduce your insulin requirement as much as possible, because too much insulin is as bad as too much glucose.

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