Clown Diabetes Educators (CDE)

The national organization of Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) promote a high carb, grain based meal plan to those whom it harms the most… diabetics. There are two main reasons I write posts like this…

  • To expose the harmful advice these ‘diabetes experts’ provide.
  • Exposing them for what they are … clowns promoting a harmful diabetes diet.


Clown Diabetes Educator
Clown Diabetes Educator


My hope is, this post will cause you to ‘pause’ and question the advice of these clowns. We should call them ‘Clown Diabetes Educators’ and not certified, unless you mean certifiably clownish. :)


American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)

The national organization of diabetes educators is the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

By ridiculing diabetes educators publicly, by exposing them I hope you will question their advice. They profit from the pain and suffering of others, that is a fact.  The pain and suffering they are largely responsible for by promoting a shameful high carb diabetes diet plan.

Note: While this post talks about Clown Diabetes Educators (CDEs), the post applies to all of those in the Medical Industry who promote grains and a high carb diabetic meal plan. This includes doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and of course… certified, I mean Clown Diabetes Educators.


Happy Clowns or Scary Clowns

The Medical Industry instructs diabetics to eat grains and other high carb foods that raise blood sugars… the worst thing for a diabetic.  THE LAST THING THEY NEED.

So in a sense diabetes educators are truly clownish characters. Clumsy, laughable characters who are the butt of jokes.  They are quite comical on one level… they resemble the picture above… on one level.


On Another Level

The advice Clown Diabetes Educators provide has a dark side.
It causes untold amounts of pain and suffering to 100’s of millions of diabetics world-wide.

You see, diabetes is a disease of elevated blood sugar.  All the horrible and painful diabetes complications occur due to elevated blood sugars.

The medical industry, including diabetes educators promote a meal plan that RAISES blood sugars.  Grains, breads, cakes, cookies, cereals, rice, potatoes and sugary fruits… all spike blood sugars.

If you add it all up,  over the last few decades…

– the amputations
– the heart, kidney and liver failures
– the lost vision
– and yes, the early deaths.

The harm they have done … is truly staggering.

On this level … the Clown Diabetes Educators look like this… Stephen King’s It.



The Real Diabetes Educator

In ‘real life’ Clown Diabetes Educators do not look like ‘IT’. Although some do look eerily close to the first picture.

Clown Diabetes Educators look like the pictures below, smiling, almost looking like regular people. These are Hope Warshaw and Deb Greenwood, the President-Elect and the current President of the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators … the Queen Bees as I call them. Leaders of the minions who promote a harmful diabetes diet to 100’s of thousands of diabetics, every single day.

The clown showing off the cake is Deb Greenwood.



Clown Diabetes Educators

I joke about clown diabetes educators (CDEs) all the time.  I mock, ridicule as well as aggravate diabetes educators routinely. Their buffoonery while worthy of ridicule and mocking … has a VERY serious result.

Diabetics are not only paying for harmful advice … but are also paying for the advice with loss of organs, loss of limbs… and slow painful deaths.

Diabetes does NOT have to be debilitating.

It does NOT!

It certainly is not for me. :)

I’ve written many posts in the past year showing the clown-like behavior of medical industry professionals…  here is a list of just a few that come to mind in the last year.  (Most recent first)

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This obese CDE promotes vegan, high carb ‘fake foods’.

Amy Campbell and Joslin… grrrr


I hope you will give ‘low carb primal’ a try. :)

Call your ‘certified diabetes educator’ a ‘clown diabetes educator’ … I dare you. :)

Peace, love and NORMAL BLOOD SUGARS to you all.