Diabetes Educator Promotes High Carb Junk

A friend shared a picture of an overweight nutritionist and diabetes educator promoting candy bars. Several friends looked her up on-line and sent me her information. I contacted her about the photo and more…

  • If a diabetes educator promotes high carb ‘junk’, they should be ridiculed
  • This diabetes educator also openly promotes highly processed ‘junk’


It’s difficult for me to believe there are still people like this diabetes educator.  Even more difficult to believe people pay a diabetes educator for such harmful advice. People pay to be harmed. :(

Diabetes Educator and Dietitian
Diabetes Educator and Dietitian


Just looking at the sad picture, there are so many angles I could use on this post. The difficulty for me is finding the angle that will be  effective in influencing diabetics who still follow a ‘carb up’ approach to diabetes treatment.  I hope I chose wisely. :)


Engaging a Diabetes Educator

I would encourage every person on the planet to challenge medical industry professionals, including their doctor or diabetes educator.


“Do not be afraid to engage medical industry professionals…. regardless of the initials before or after their name. PhD, CDE, RD, MD … makes no difference to me.

I have a PhD … in me.”


The medical industry is not infallible… in fact they are quite fallible.  They memorize information provided largely by studies tainted by the money of Big Food and Big Pharma.

The exchange with this diabetes educator brought back recollections of past exchanges… here are just a few.

Diabetes Educator Responds,  Diabetes Educator II,  Primal Phun with a PhD, Future ADA Minion Gives me Advice and lastly,  I take on a Medical Doctor (also a diabetes online course author)  Part 1 Part 2 , Part 3.

Bottom Line: I am not afraid to take on anyone … the initials before or after their name  PhD, MD, CDE… make no difference to me.


Engaging Courtney Slater

Here is the brief but informative exchange with the Certified Diabetes Educator.

Below is the picture of the initial email I sent to her.   (note: I meant your not ‘you’) Typos. :)



Diabetes Educator Recommends Candy?
Diabetes Educator Recommends Candy?


She replied:

I don’t recommend candy. What would you like to discuss?


To which I replied with a picture of her recommending candy …

“So this is fraudulent? “


She replied ….

My photo exists and is used for marketing, but I didn’t put it next to candy.



It doesn’t matter to me if Courtney placed it beside the candy … or not.  She is still being paid to promote candy and she clearly markets herself as a knowledgeable nutritionist and diabetes educator.


Here is Courtney’s email signature….

Diabetes Educator and Dietitian
Diabetes Educator etc,


… that is an impressive listing of letters after her name…  this likely adds to her arrogance but as we know the letters do nothing to improve on her ignorance.


My reply

1) Thank you for responding.
2) Do you stand by this advice?  Is this valid for diabetics as well? http://altoonaherald.desmoinesregister.com/article/20120229/LIFE/302290010/From-dietitian-Use-healthy-convenient-foods-from-freezer-aisle


The link is to a post she did in a local newspaper, “From the Dietitian”.

She promotes the standard low fat, high carb, grain based meal plans that harms millions of diabetics … every damn day.


High Carb High Processed ‘Junk”

Her reply….

Yes. A healthy diet is valid for all people. Is there something I can help you with?

Among her recommendations are ….

“Shake things up with meat substitutes like Morning Star Farms Meal Starters or Gardein Beefless Tips to decrease saturated fat and calories, while adding fiber and heart-healthy fats.”

The choices above are all toxic sludge full of sugar, soy, veggie oils …. etc … UGH!

This next picture is the ingredient list of what Courtney “Toxic Sludge” Slater calls healthy…

Now keep in mind this is the ingredients of a veggie… BBQ RIBLET.

cs 3


Courtney “Toxic Sludge” Slater says this is healthy for everyone, including diabetics.

And she’s paid to tell people this.

Imagine paying for the advice that she provides…


I will provide one snippet from the post that tells you all you need to know…. here is the breakfast that she recommended…



2 cups Hy-Vee frozen blueberries
2 tablespoons honey
8 Morning Star Farms Breakfast Sausage Links
8 Van’s whole grain frozen toaster waffles


Approximately 50g of carbs if you drank -0- carbs with the meal.   More carbohydrates than I eat usually in 3- 4 days… and this diabetes educator is recommending it in one meal.

And we all know obese, sugar and grain addicts (like Courtney)  are going to continue to be sugar and grain addicts, requiring more and more drugs. While needing more and more medical industry services… like diabetes educator appointments.


Listen to Courtney Slater or …

In closing I will show you her final response.  She has obviously NEVER tested her advice on herself regarding blood sugar issues.

Sugar and grains RAISE blood sugar to toxic levels and make it impossible to TRULY maintain normal blood sugars.


cs 5


Soy and whole grains are not healthy for anyone.

I eat 10-15 grams of carbohydrates a day … and I THRIVE!

You can listen to people like  Courtney “Toxic Sludge” Slater, someone who read that soy, hydrogenated veggie oils and whole grains are healthy in a book.


bilde (1)


Or you can listen to people like me, people who are actually successfully managing diabetes with a truly diabetic friendly meal plan.  People who are actually THRIVING!!!    The choice is up to you.


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