Diabetes Educator Responds (II)

A recent exchange with a Certified Diabetes Educator was the topic of this  post, “Certified Diabetes Educator Responds“.  You should read that post before reading this one.

But in summary, the lady has a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and….

She stated that she did sometimes take offense to my comments regarding Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs).  Her comments seemed very honest and heartfelt, you could sense the passion in her messages.

My response too was a very honest and heartfelt response in the above mentioned post.  I wanted to state my true feelings… so she could argue the points if she disagreed.

I had previously agreed to air her reply… and here it is.

Note: CHO = carbohydrates

I thought your article was perfect. I hope that others get benefit from it, truly.

I do tell my patients about paleo and low CHO, then I show them where CHOs are in foods broken down into four catagories…meats, eggs, cheese….non starchy veggies….fruit, milk….and all grains in any form plus starchy veggies. Most people seem to understand the effect of CHO to thier blood sugars when we are done.

As an RN CDE I do not council great specifics on diet because that is the Dietitians territory. However, I always make sure that my patient understands CHO effect to blood sugar and I hope the take home for the patient is that less is best.

Keep up the good work. Diabetes needs all the warriors it can get!

…. okay … that turned out even better than I had expected! :)

And I will do ALL I can to increase the ranks of “Diabetes Warriors”.  :)

I quote from one of my favorite movies came to mind… “Outlaw Josey Wales” … :))

“It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life… or death.” ~ Ten Bears

Sincerest thanks for this opportunity to discuss!!!


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6 thoughts on “Diabetes Educator Responds (II)”

  1. damaged justice

    This is fantastic news. It’s good for all of us to be hearing more positive stories of successfully turning the tide, one person at a time, instead of the all too typical (and I admit, occasionally still amusing) woeful tales of being a lone paleo salmon snowflake trying to swim upstream in a sea of friends, family and medical professionals who insist they’re killing themselves by going against conventional wisdom. (Have I completely killed the metaphor yet, or is it still twitching?) Some folks truly are beyond communication and cooperation, but with this crack in the dam, you’ve proven once again that every little bit helps. Battle on, warrior!

    Optimal health diet: Don’t eat things that cause inflammation, inhibit satiety, disrupt gut flora or dysregulate blood sugar.

    1. Thanks for the comment Damaged Justice! …very cool moniker I must say. :)

      re: “Battle On” … Indeed, like you I have no choice but to do so!

  2. Awesome! I have an appointment with a different CDE than the one I usually see. I don’t really want to go because this one is a vegetarian diabetic. I usually don’t go out of my way to offend vegetarians because I’m a peace-keeping hippie type, but I just don’t know how to avoid it in this case. All I basically want to do is ask her for the humalog pen that does 1/2 units and leave it at that…

    But anyway, I’d like to know how the CDE you mention is able to give the dietary advice we prefer to hear! Did she mention anything about the AADA/ADA specifying regulations on dietary advice that she was obligated to teach?

    1. Thank YOU Emily for commenting. I love all comments but especially from someone with diabetes. :)

      Sadly I know MANY diabetics who only go to a doctor for the prescriptions. It’s a shame that is their main purpose and have become so irrelevant otherwise.

      ** re: “obligated to teach” … Great Question, I will forward that to her, thank you for the question!!

  3. Great articles Steve!!! I was quite happy at her ultimate response as well!! If she does as she said, then that’s one!! Keep doing what you do my friend!! It makes a difference!!

    Thanks man!!


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