Pictures from Wrightsville Beach

The pictures were taken January 4-5, 2011 at Wrightsville Beach, NC. … included are a couple of updated pictures of me… it’s been many months since I’ve posted any… but as you can see, I’m still about the same.

I’ve been in the 160 – 170 lb range for well over a year now… despite eating a HIGH saturated fat and protein diet. :))

The temperature was approximately 45 -50 degrees during the day and would have felt great in the full sun … except for a cold wind.

These first pictures are of the beach … Wrightsville Beach and it’s estuaries are truly one of my most favorite spots on the planet.

As always… CLICK TO ENLARGE!!! :)

These are pictures on the beach of the three of us, my wife, my youngest son and myself.

These next pictures are of me…  I am a former obese, type 2 diabetic who maintains normal blood sugar (for non-diabetics) utilizing a primal lifestyle….. and loving it!!! :)

This last picture was taken on the waterfront in downtown Wilmington, NC…. this is a battleship, the US North Carolina. This obviously was taken at some distance… but she’s still a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT! :)

I want to keep Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach a secret so it doesn’t become TOO crowded… but it truly is a beautiful place.  In Wilmington there are many bars, restaurants and of course THE BEACH close by.

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