Road Trip … Walking the walk

In the previous post, I posted pictures of our trip to Wilmington, NC (and Wrightsville Beach).  In this post I will be showing people the food choices I made during the 36 hours away from home. Above is “my” low carb primal meal plan… did I stick to it?

On a daily basis, I show people how to live a low carb primal lifestyle primarily through my example but I also coach folks personally.

I do a lot of talking and I do walk the walk everyday BUT I rarely do so “out of town”. I have posted several times about planning and making tough decisions (just say ‘NO’ to sugar, grains & carbs in general).  The last time I posted about an out of town experience was a trip to Charleston, SC in March ’10, you can click here to view the post, “Greatest Primal Challenge”.

I can talk the talk but can I walk the walk and stay on my truly diabetic diet….away from home?

Many I’m sure do not believe me … but it is EASY for me to say no to carbs, sugar, grains, cereals etc … it just is.  Once I beat the carb/sugar addiction I’ve had -0- problems saying NO to them. And… IF I CAN DO IT… so can YOU!

I NEVER strayed from a low carb primal meal plan and as you can see from my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar the morning after our trip … my Blood Sugars are rewarding me for it. :)  My blood sugar typically runs in the 75-85 range, this 89 is a little higher than my normal however, I did read at 6:30AM, a little earlier than normal and with the variances of the meters… I’ll take an 89. :)

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I recommend that you ALWAYS have a low carb primal snack with you … THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE if you are traveling out of town where you are less likely to know “safe harbors” for low carb foods. This applies to EVERYONE but especially applies to diabetics. To a diabetic,  one high carb meal can mean a trip to the emergency room if they are not in control of their blood sugars.

The “always have a low carb primal snack with you” rule… This is ESPECIALLY TRUE if you are fasting.  The worst thing you can do is have a hunger craving while fasting, it’s too easy to let your guard down if you do not have low carb options. Click here for my meal plan and a listing of snack … I won’t repeat myself in this post but the information is located again at the end of this post.

Having stated all of the above… there is ALWAYS a choice. You do NOT have an excuse for going off plan…. NONE.  You can always eat a bun-less burger, salad or grilled steak/chicken etc.  There is ALWAYS a choice…. no excuses.

The Trip

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We planned on heading out of town around 8:30 AM to avoid some of the rush hour traffic.  I did not want to risk being stuck without food so I cooked six eggs and about 1/2 pound of bacon for the trip. Bacon and Eggs is a great meal as it contains plenty of good natural fats and animal protein. These will typically keep you sated for hours.

I often eat it for lunch or dinner as I typically perform an intermittent fast first thing in the morning.  The bacon and eggs did their job, we stopped at a local restaurant once we were in Wilmington and I had a small order of braised chicken livers….they were very tasty!  My son was moving into an apartment and we wanted to make sure he had everything he needed so we visited several stores including a grocery store to stock up on food for his kitchen.

I must say I was VERY proud of my wife… she did not attempt to buy any ‘carbage’ for him, we only purchased meats and veggies!!! … there is hope for her yet.  I have no illusions, I’m sure that as soon as we left,  my son headed to the grocery store and loaded up on pizza, cereal and beer…. :(  BUT at least starting off…we left them in good shape.  Above is a picture of my dinner that night…. 1 lb of Ribeyes…. yes! It was sooo good too. Cooked in salt, pepper and BACON!!  I also had a couple of glasses of Merlot. :)  The other family members ate 1/2 of a rib eye and some vegetables cooked in bacon and bacon fat. :))

For breakfast the next morning, I fixed everyone sausage, bacon and eggs…. sorry no picture.  :(

For lunch, we stopped at Hardee’s and I had a ‘bun-less’ low carb burger… it was very tasty as well with tomato, onion, large burger wrapped in a lettuce jacket.  For the four hour drive back to our home I picked up a couple of bags of pork rinds … they are filling, fairly high in protein and -0- CABRS … it’s a great ‘snack’ if you get a craving on the road. You can do much worse… if you doubt this, read my post on “Are Pork Rinds Paleo”.   BEWARE some pork rind brands do contain corn syrup and carbs…. sad but true. Be sure and check the labels of ALL the foods you consume. YOU should know what you are putting into your body … BEFORE you put it in your body.

There you have it… all of my food choices for the 36 hour period. For drinks? I had coffee, unsweetened tea and water. :)

You can make good choices TOO! … or … you can make excuses.

CHOOSE BETTER HEALTH in 2011 … say ‘NO’ to processed foods and say ‘NO’ to grains and sugar.

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

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  1. The bun-less burger has become our favorite meal out lately as well… not always grass-fed, but it’s easy, readily available, and they’re always willing to sub a side salad for the fries. I used to always order salads w/protein, but the bun-less burger is a nice option as well!

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