Snowy … Primal X

First let me say…

I walk and run in my yard barefooted regularly …  while it is possible a rock or other sharp object could lay beneath the snow, it’s highly unlikely. Too, the snow is fresh and soft, it also provides a nice cushion.

I also run sprints barefooted at the high school, on the football field.  I usually run right down the middle of the field from goal post to goal post and even before I run there I walk “the line” on the field looking for sharp objects.

This is important for all but especially true for diabetics.  With diabetics, any and all cuts should be treated with caution… this is ESPECIALLY TRUE if you do not maintain proper blood glucose levels.  In fact, I’d recommend that you not run/walk barefooted unless and until you do gain control of your blood sugar.

My overnight fasting blood sugars are typically sub 100 mg/dl readings and I follow a low carb meal plan so my Blood Sugars are typically sub 100 and  rarely exceed 120 mg/dl.

Having said all that… here are two videos of me running in snow, barefooted. In this first video, I’m shirtless too. While the temperature was approximately 28 degrees…  My body never did feel cool or cold… my feet did of course. :)   I TRULY  would recommend this as I LOVED IT!!!  Very invigorating.

In this second video I did put on a sleeveless shirt … I assure you it was not because I was cold.  The neighbors were out as well… and … I thot if I wore this T-shirt  I would not stand out as much against the white snow and … if they did see me… I would look like a TOTAL IDIOT!!! … :))

I want to thank Mark Sisson for posting on the benefits of barefoot walking and running… without him and his site ( … my life would be very different. :))

Note: If you want to run barefooted….

1) Start out walking barefoot in the home

2) Next, walk in the yard or in parks etc… (on grass)

3) When comfortable, jog on grass and progress to sprinting

Those that run barefoot will agree… it’s a great feeling.  If you try it, like all exercises… start out slow and progress.

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

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