This is a quick post with pictures … relating a humorous story. I love the way I eat! I love the way I play! I love the way I LIVE!!!   And… I want to share it with people, hoping some will ‘give it a go’. The benefits of this […]

Are you sure you are ok? No… no I’m ...

With so much pain and suffering world wide ... why do so many continue to listen to the American Diabetes Association and their world wide partners? I DO NOT!!! And I thrive.

Perils of of Diabetes and Barefoot

I am now… a BAREFOOT RUNNER!!! … argh!!! :)   I have been running sprints, jogging and performing exercises barefooted for almost two years. However I never considered myself a ‘barefoot runner’ until last night. I ran 3 miles, on pavement (and cement sidewalks) lastnight Today after running a 5k, I […]

I am a Barefoot Runner, with Diabetes

It was actually 1.35 miles last night … to be exact. :) By the way, I love pushing the envelope for my own personal gratification … but I also love the message YOU should be receiving from my antics or experiments…however you want to charactarize them… YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES!! […]

First Barefoot Mile on Pavement

I am a Type 2 Diabetic with normal Blood Sugar. My contention is… 1) Conventional Wisdom is almost ALWAYS wrong… and I set out to prove that ALMOST on a DAILY basis. 2) With normal blood sugar, a diabetic can literally do anything a non-diabetic can do, assuming there has […]

New Barefoot Challenge

In a previous post, “When is a Diabetic Toe … Just a Toe?” and it’s follow up… “Diabetic Toe… Part II”, I discuss what happened after I receive a cut on my foot from walking around the house barefooted. Today’s post will address the other topic of the original post … […]

Diabetes and Barefoot Exercise

This post is a follow up to “When is a Diabetic Toe … Just a Toe“. You may want to read it quickly before reading this post if you have not done so. I am diabetic, therefore my toes are ‘diabetic toes’ … however since I successfully treat my diabetes […]

Diabetic Toe … Part II

It finally happened…. I was told by more than a few that if I continued to run barefooted … I was going to get a cut on my foot or toes. Well it finally happened yesterday. :( This post is a reply to the people who criticized me for posting that […]

When is a Diabetic Toe … just a toe?

First let me say… I walk and run in my yard barefooted regularly …  while it is possible a rock or other sharp object could lay beneath the snow, it’s highly unlikely. Too, the snow is fresh and soft, it also provides a nice cushion. I also run sprints barefooted […]

Snowy … Primal X