Diabetic Toe … Part II

This post is a follow up to “When is a Diabetic Toe … Just a Toe“. You may want to read it quickly before reading this post if you have not done so.

I am diabetic, therefore my toes are ‘diabetic toes’ … however since I successfully treat my diabetes and have normal blood sugar (without drugs nor insulin) … my diabetic toe really is ‘just a toe’.

The other day I received a small cut on my toe.

To drive home the point that my diabetic toe is just a toe …. I decided to write a post and perform an experiment.

Toe Experiment

– I would not wash the cut.

– I would not treat the cut with any antibiotics or antimicrobial products of any kind.

– I would not bandage nor wrap the toe…. at all.



1) I have normal blood sugar, therefore my feet should heal as a non-diabetic’s.

2) I follow a low-inflammatory lifestyle (and I supplement with Vitamin D3), therefore my body’s own defenses should be enough to fight off any and all germs. I believe this to be so… because I have not been sick in over 25 months at the time of this post. My defenses are ‘stronger’ than even non-primal non-diabetics.

3) I exercise daily with intense cardio an integral component of my regimen … therefore I have no circulation issues.

“Given” all of the above…. my toe should NOT become infected and should heal as a normal non-diabetic toe for a man nearing 50 years old.


Here are pictures after 5 days ….

** I did not wash the toe … but it did get wet during showers and I did pat it dry after showering.


The toe is not sore, has no visible signs of infection and the skin is healing nicely.



*** In my original post…. I tied the ‘toe’ story in with barefoot walking and running. ¬†There were several valid questions and comments that I will address in a separate post.

Bottom Line:

People … I beg … I PLEAD with you … disregard the American Diabetes Association’s dietary guidelines and go LOW CARB PRIMAL! ¬† Add some daily exercise …. and you will be well on your way to improving your health and fitness.

But above all else … do your best to maintain normal blood sugars.

-What is normal blood sugar??? For me… I try to keep my fasting numbers between 70 – 100 mg/dl and my intra-day numbers sub 120 mg/dl.


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

How I Play


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  1. This is in line with what Dr. Atkins used to say about diabetics who would start Atkins with some kind of infection that previously would have led to amputation, then all of a sudden they would start healing. You can’t heal when your BG’s in the 300s or worse. Get it normalized and all of a sudden stuff starts working right. Everything that kills a type 2 diabetic is connected with high blood sugar. The underlying condition itself does nothing to you IF you eat to account for it.

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