When is a Diabetic Toe … just a toe?

Picture of my toes as I laid in bed.

It finally happened…. I was told by more than a few that if I continued to run barefooted … I was going to get a cut on my foot or toes. Well it finally happened yesterday. :(

This post is a reply to the people who criticized me for posting that I run barefooted … outside.  Not only do I do it… but I also PROMOTE it … for those with normal blood sugar.

I have been mostly barefoot for WELL over a year now.

I typically run barefoot sprints 2-3 times a month.  Click here for the post with a video of barefoot sprints.

I even once ran sprints … barefooted in the snow. Click here for the post with the snow running video.

Earlier in the day yesterday…i ran barefooted.   I knew that I had scraped my foot but when it happened I glanced down and saw no blood so I continued on.   I didn’t check my feet after the activity… like I should have.

Later that night, I had laid down to go to sleep when I felt a tingling in the same toes.  I immediately realized why…. the scrape earlier ….  I remembered the incident and in my groggy half a sleep state… I jumped up fearing the worst…. gangrene had set in!  I snapped the picture above…. saw blood but no infection so I laid back down.

My Scrapped Toes the next day.....

When I woke up this morning… this is what I saw.

No change… or at least it’s not looking worse.

New Experiment!

I am doing a new experiment… to prove that, if you have normal blood sugar… a cut toe is just…. a cut toe.

I WILL NOT wash, rinse, sanitize nor apply anti-bacterial lotions nor potions of ANY KIND ….

Additionally, I will not wrap nor bandage in any way….


… people… ALL THE AILMENTS associated with DIABETES are due to POOR BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL!!!!


ALL THOSE THAT SAID, “Steve, you will cut yourself if you keep running barefoot”.

… all of you were right.   Congrats! … I hope you are ALL satisfied….  :)


Oh… by the way…. I still have NOT cut nor scratched my feet or toes ONCE … while running barefoot.

The scrape yesterday came while I was moving furniture in the home… barefooted. :)


How will this experiment turn out???? We shall see.



JUST KNOW… the overwhelming majority of diabetics DO NOT have normal blood sugar and therefore have NO business running barefoot … AT ALL.  Period, end of story.

…if you do NOT have normal blood sugar… do NOT run barefooted. However, if you do have normal blood sugar… I HIGHLY recommend it.

** If you do not have normal blood sugar… you are harming yourself every single day.

The overwhelming majority of diabetics have A1C’s NORTH of 6 …. and should NOT run barefooted.  An A1C of 6 equates to an average Blood Sugar of 136 mg/dl or 7.6 mml/l … that is FAR from normal blood sugar.

MOST have A1c’s NORTH of 7 and should NOT be walking barefoot in the home.  A1C of 7 equates to 172 mg/dl or 9.6 mml/l

It is COMMON for Diabetics following the American Diabetes Association’s diet to have A1C’s ABOVE 8 … these people should wear bubble shoes and gloves to prevent a nick or scratch that could become infected.

The important “take home message” ????   …. OBTAIN NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR!!!

Short answer   to the question in the title of this post??? ….   WHEN YOU HAVE NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR!

Here is the follow up to this post, “Diabetic Toe… Part II


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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8 thoughts on “When is a Diabetic Toe … just a toe?”

  1. I am very ‘abusive’ to my feet in warm weather here. I get minor injuries – cuts, scrapes, etc., and they all heal very fast. In fact, with normal blood sugar readings like you, they heal even faster than ever before. This whole panic over “feet” for diabetics is WAY overblown, in my opinion – once you are IN CONTROL of the blood sugars. My biggest problem was getting my gums to heal after having a tooth pulled! My feet are NO problem.

  2. I love how the overall message is to get your blood sugar down. Exactly what we all should be doing anyway.
    What are your thoughts about running with Vibrams or other barefoot-technology shoes?

    1. Thanks Chris….

      and you bring up an EXCELLENT point. I don’t do vibrams nor other minimalist footwear…BUT I should mention it as a great way for ALL but especially diabetics to either:

      1) experience some of the sensation

      2) ease into barefooting

      ** To directly answer your question, I love the idea. I’ve never used them myself but I know many who do… diabetic and non’s. :)

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