Primal X (11-21-10)

To me… nothing says primal “X”  like sprints.  For some it may be lifting heavy things or squats, lunges etc … but for me it’s sprinting.

I was once obese so it was a special treat when I was able to once again run sprints.  I still remember my first sprint following my re-commitment to fitness. In Feb ’09  I started out walking, then jogging,  working my way up to running 10 miles at one point. But  then (thanks to an article on “Tabata Sprints” on … I finally broke down and started sprinting for the first time in decades. It was Monday night, July 21, 2009 at the tender young age of 48!  I started out running sprints for only a few seconds and slowly worked up to hill sprints and 100 yard sprints.

Today, 16 months to the day, after my first sprint in decades I am still running sprints.

Luckily my sprinting paid off… as I was being chased and attacked by a vicious half wolf dog…. ok… that’s a lie. It’s just Max running along beside me.

*** Note: for many of you youngsters… it may appear that I am jogging, but trust me… I’m running as fast as I can. :)

After running the 21 x 100 yard sprints, I took my time walking over to the bleachers to start round two of my PRIMAL workout.

The video below shows me testing out a weighted vest barefooted but I did my normal workout 14-15 minutes of bleacher work with shoes and socks.

And finally… the PRIMAL X wrap up. :)

Remember!!! 10 months after I began eating and working out primally …. I was “fit”.

20 months after I began… I AM STILL fit … so do not listen to those who say it “won’t last”… they are speaking from fear. Fear that you will be successful and make them look as they are…. ignorant.

I was an obese diabetic taking 4 drugs and 4 insulin shots a day…. today… I am not. :)

Here’s how I eat.
Here’s what I eat.
Here is how I get my “Primal X” on. :)

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