ADA Minion Spotlight…. GrainHead

I want to make this clear… I do not seek out people or businesses to harass.  I only attempt to correct…

“misunderstandings, untruths or deceptions”

Often times in the course of “correcting” those issues mentioned above, the ADA Minion in question will attempt to lie or deceive further…resulting in a longer drawn out confrontation.

Another example of this is below…. had the company below not promoted itself as a  “diabetes friendly” company and had it not promoted the ADA Meal Plan as “diabetic friendly” … our paths would not have crossed and I would not have confronted them.

HOWEVER …. they did and therefore I did.

Here is how these things happen.

1) I read a post that shows “WholeGrainBread” which is the twitter name for a bread company, bragging about holding a “bake sale” for diabetes.    (see the Tweet below)

Of course, the absurdity of this will be lost on some… but for those that are not under the “spell” of an ADA Minion… you know that grains increase blood glucose which means that grains increase the amount of drugs and insulin that must be used.

Since taking drugs needlessly is NEVER a good idea…. avoiding grains means less drug usage.

Common Sense …right? … sadly… not to ADA Minion who promote grains for diabetics.

2)  Having read the ridiculous tweet promoting a “bake sale” for Diabetes…. I felt compelled to respond (see below).

Twitter-speak can be cryptic… in summary I was asking the American Diabetes Association (ADA)  if they were supporting this bake sale.  This is a rhetorical question…. the ADA has supported them in the past and let’s be honest… the ADA does not care where the money comes from…as long as they get the money.

I was also stating my opinion of the whole thing as being “pathetic”.

I then added…

3) WholeGrainBread of course was going to take offense to me calling the bake sale pathetic and equating their bake sale to Alcoholics Anonymous having a “liquor sale” for alcoholics.

However, their defense was… also “pathetic” see below.

Their defense is complicated and very profound … that’s why I call it the “liar liar pants on fire” defense.  LOL!

Seriously, let’s look at their defense.

a) We know that to a diabetic (to everyone) grains spike blood sugar, this spike is like poison to a diabetic and will require drugs and / or insulin to reduce the blood sugar spike. Failing to do so will cause cellular and even organ damage, ultimately leading to organ failure and amputations.    THAT is a fact.

I could go on and on but will at least mention the carb addiction etc ….  my Alcoholics Anonymous analogy is not far fetched.

b) The bread company raises money for diabetics …. and somehow this makes it ethical for them to market their bread products as “diabetes friendly” …   HELL NO! … raising money does NOT change the facts. THAT is a fact.

c) Endocrinologists and Nutritionists blah blah blah defense.  I have seen ENDOs approve candy bars that were on a nutritional par with a Marathon bar as being “diabetic friendly”…. so having an Endo / CDE / Nutritionist approve something… means nothing.

ALL of them benefit if diabetes epidemic grows… the more diabetics eating grains = more business.  That is a fact.

Additional comment… I did ask the GrainHead for a list of his Endocrinologists and  Nutritionists… I guaranteed them they were tainted by money from American Diabetes Association, Big Pharma or Monsanto…. guaranteed it.

Right after I made that request and claim… the GrainHead “blocked me” and stopped responding.



TEST EVERY THING YOU EAT OR DRINK  to make sure that it does not cause a blood sugar spike.
Here’s how I eat, my diabetic nutrition chart.

Here’s what I eat, my diabetic meal plan.

Here is how I get my “Primal X” on. :)

12 thoughts on “ADA Minion Spotlight…. GrainHead”

  1. I’m in total agreement with you, Steve!! Grains spike blood sugars and cause inflamation!! We don’t need it!

  2. I agree with you 100% . I spoke with a diabetic educator at a health fair I attended and the first thing she told me was to eat more carbs. I asked her why does the ADA push carbs on diabetics? When carbs raise the blood sugar. Her response was the ADA diet is designed for healthy diabetics. I told her they wont be healthy for long if they follow your advice. She got upset that I said
    that to her in front of everyone at her booth . They had choclate cake samples for diabetics to eat. They also tested blood sugars. Out of 4 people mine was the only normal one. She told them 120 is a normal blood sugar. I told her she was wrong. Needless to say she ignored me. I dread going into the hospital ,I finally got my blood sugars in the 70-95 range. If I do have the back surgery, I know my blood sugars will get screwed up again. I am hoping I can avoid the surgery.

  3. I am not writing specifically with regard to THIS discussion, but with regard to your “general” term of “ADA Minion.” Steve, there are MANY diabetics who do NOT follow the Primal/Paleo WOE who certainly don’t follow the ADA path either. I eat a very modest carb diet — less than 100 grams per day, with most of those carbs from the many, MANY veggies I eat — but you seem to draw this very distinct dividing line in the sand of “those who eat Primal” versus “ADA Minions,” and there are many, many shades of grey between those two extremes. I am just trying to understand whether or not you consider anyone who DOESN’T follow this Primal plan to be a blind ADA follower, because if that’s true, you really need to speak to more diabetics out there in the real world.

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