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A reader commented on this post ADA Minion Spotlight ….Grainhead the other day and I wanted to address the comment in a post.  As she noted, the comment was not specific to this post but more of a general comment regarding the term ADA Minion.  To aid in the discussion and identification of ADA Minion… I posted a picture of one above. In general it is people who profit from diabetics who also dish out harmful nutritional advice. … Certified Diabetes Educators, Nutritionist, Dietitians, doctors, Endos… etc etc.

Her points were valid and when one person has a question or concern…there are surely others.

Here is her comment, it is indented and in bold.

I am not writing specifically with regard to THIS discussion, but with regard to your “general” term of “ADA Minion.” Steve, there are MANY diabetics who do NOT follow the Primal/Paleo WOE who certainly don’t follow the ADA path either.

I gave a definition of an ADA Minion in this post “You Might Be An ADA Minion” … and …. are you sitting down??? … <gulp> I erred.  That’s right, I made a mistake. :)   In this post I clearly stated, “Therefore an ADA Minion is a servile follower of the American Diabetes Association.”

First the error: I never intended for diabetics to self apply this to themselves… nor did I ever intend for this to be used for diabetics. Unless of course you are someone who profits from the wrong, harmful advice handed out by the American Diabetes Association.

Christine: the best meal plan on the planet is the one that causes the LEAST amount of blood sugar rise (while providing us with the nutrients we need). The meal plan that does this for me (and others who have tried it)  is a low carb primal meal plan.  I am painfully well aware that many do not follow it (only a small fraction do)…. but that’s why we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes …with 60,000 plus amputations yearly in the US, with overwhelming majority of them diabetes related.

Summary : ADA Minion is a derisive term I created to denigrate and agitate those that profit from selling harmful nutritional advice to us ALL but especially diabetics.

I eat a very modest carb diet — less than 100 grams per day, with most of those carbs from the many, MANY veggies I eat — but you seem to draw this very distinct dividing line in the sand of “those who eat Primal” versus “ADA Minions,” and there are many, many shades of grey between those two extremes.

“We” should only take drugs if we MUST.  Too often, ‘we’ take drugs so we can eat cakes, cookies, bread, grains, cereals and chips. Taking drugs so we can consume more poison… is not a wise idea. Yet, millions do it every day.

If your lifestyle (including exercise,  meal plan and more)  is requiring you to take drugs … then in my opinion you should make adjustments. There is NO grey here. Taking drugs should only occur when necessary…  if you are consuming grains, cereals etc and ‘covering’ them with drugs or insulin… that is not living as healthy as you could be.

This does not however, make you an ADA Minon as noted above.

I am just trying to understand whether or not you consider anyone who DOESN’T follow this Primal plan to be a blind ADA follower, because if that’s true, you really need to speak to more diabetics out there in the real world.

I think I’ve addressed this comment above.  But… I need to add… I have been out in the real world. If you think I have not, then you need to read my blog more.   I have witnessed loved ones, friends and  the friends of loved ones perish early and painful deaths due to the harm the ADA and it’s Minions create.  A high carb meal plan that causes YOU to take drugs … is not wise… but it doesn’t make you an ADA Minion.

It is you who should speak to more diabetics if you think they are happy… and healthy. I am ELATED at my health…. and so happy I chose to eat, live this way.

Go on ANY Diabetes board and you will read moaning and groaning of  rising highs….and crashing lows. More drugs and the side affects they bring. Even worse are the side affects ‘we’ do not notice. The kidney failure, heart disease and strokes.

I do want to sincerely thank you for your comments and allowing me to clear up the ADA Minion question.

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Nutritional Chart

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

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  1. Wow…I didn’t take it at all that you were talking about the diabetics that follow the ADA!!
    For too many years we have been brainwashed into thinking fat = bad, carb = good. For too many years people/patients have NOT been told the truth!! Now they are trying to modify this by saying there are “good fats” and “good carbs”. But they STILL have it wrong!
    I too have several friends, family and co-workers that are following the ADA plan….and most are doing poorly, but refuse to change. Is it because they are, as Steve calls them “ADA-minions”? NO! For the most part it’s because they like and trust their physicians…..and/or are terrified of eating fat and not eating enough carbs!!
    People have to look for information on diseases. Most immediately turn to their physicians….as they should (for the most part). Some look up information in books, on the internet, in support groups, etc….and are mostly told exactly what the ADA says (or AHA, AMA, etc).
    I was lucky….first I was taught in school that low carb intake was essential for good diabetes control. This was back in the 70, before the low fat mantra REALLY took hold. Second, I have a curious and analytical mind….and I need to say “that makes sense” for me to believe it! That got me searching and researching….and I am now convinced that we all, diabetic or not, should be on the lowest carb intake we can stick with!

    1. “…. I am now convinced that we all, diabetic or not, should be on the lowest carb intake we can stick with! ”

      I agree 100% with your message Alcinda, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Debbie Cusick

    Great post. I saw this from Amy Dungan’s FB link. Alas I still get rising highs and not the blood sugar control I would like even though I follow a very strict low carb, grain-free, sugar-free, high-PUFA oil-free diet, and have lost 110 pounds. But I keep hoping, and it would probably be far worse if I followed the “diabetes educators” eating plan.

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