….You might be an ADA Minion.

Before I begin, I need to define an ADA Minion for new readers.

ADA stands for American Diabetes Association…. supposedly the largest advocate for diabetics in the US… yet they promote a “diabetic diet” that increases drug and insulin usage…. go figure.

Minion = “a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.” (per dictionary.com)

Therefore an ADA Minion is a servile follower of the American Diabetes Association. Just to add, it’s also someone who supports the ADA’s diabetes management plan of… “carb up and shoot up”. The worst minions are Big Pharma, Big Agra, RDs, CDEs, Docs and Endos that profit from such support… very sad.  (off my soapbox for now)

On my facebook page I posted this…

“Solicitation for Assistance… otherwise known as … A call for help. :)

I want to do a “you might be an ADA Minion if… ” quiz. Just like this one…https://www.diabetes-warrior.net/2010/09/07/diabetes-symptoms-quiz/

This would be along the lines of Mr. Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” …. so contributions would be appreciated…

I am looking for both Serious and comical responses.”

I received MANY great responses… THANKS TO YOU ALL!

I will put together a quiz, still looking for a better vehicle for that… but I wanted to publish this listing and OPEN it up again.

If you can think of a new serious or comical response… please feel free to add a comment. Hope you enjoy the post…. I know I did. :)

Michelle’s responses are listed first and “pictured”  as her’s received the most “likes”… :)

… I hate it when people get more  “likes” than me… :(    lol, JK!!!!!   Congrats!

Keith Lawson
If you’re hiding your own weight issue with clothes and telling your patient to lose weight.

You have a Lily or Pfizer paperweight on your desk.

Your Lady GaGa glasses are made from insulin syringes.

You say things like “vegetarian pizza is good.”

You even mention the words “low fat”.

Your portfolio crashed when Avandia did.

Your kid’s little league team is sponsored by Monsanto.

Half the team is T2 and prepubescent.

And…You have no idea who Grok is!

Here’s another – “You think an A1C of 7 is something to brag about.”

Patricia Bowser Weitzel You might be an ADA minion if your job is to convince type 2 diabetics that they will only ever get worse and there is no hope for turning it around

April Bradford Walker

‎. . .if you eat pecan pie and back it up with extra insulin. . .

. . .if you call “eating healthy” a boiled piece of meat, baked potato, and orange juice.

. . .if you refuse to change your eating habits no matter what your meter reads because the “diabetic educator” said that was the way to eat.

. . . if you feel that the only path to diabetic control is through drugs and low fat.

. . . if you feel like your life ended when you were diagnosed with diabetes.

Anne Luther

‎…if you tell people that tight control means postprandial blood sugar is under 180.

…if you tell people not to test after eating as it will only upset them.

Michelle – you wrote the best one….if Steve says you are a minion! :)

Linda Fox ‎… you continue trying to fit your meds to your diet instead of the other way around.

‎… you sell “Diabetic Socks!” (How do you test their blood sugar?).

Chancey Bruce

You tell people who are successfully controlling diabetes that they can’t do that.


You tell those who have got into better shape than they have been in for years that they are not “eating healthy”, with a straight face.

You walk like a zombie with an insulin needle in one hand and a box of doughnuts in the other.

Kelli Shoupe

‎”my blood sugar is fine, I only test fasting – its always good 110-115. I am not too worried about that”

same person told me……”you can have a frappicino once in awhile, that won’t hurt you”

Steve Cooksey

‎… you “dish out” dietary advice like candy….and you haven’t seen a sub 30 BMI since high school.

‎… your “patients’ pay you money for advice that causes them to take ever-increasing amounts of drugs and insulin….. and you sleep at night.

…. you tell your patients they must eat 120 g of carbs MINIMUM per day for brain function…and you ….
1) know it’s a lie and greedily accept the money. or
2) you are too intellectually lazy to KNOW THE TRUTH….
…either way you are a charlatan…. a snake oil salesman …or a drug pusher… which is it????

Again, thanks to all for contributing and if you want to add more … please feel free to do so in the comments. :)

** and special thanks to Michelle and Anne for granting me special ADA Minion designation powers…. :))

Click here for a follow up post regarding, “ADA Minion“.


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  1. I love it, Cuz!
    “I have diabetes, a gun, knife, iron skillet and a stove – bring me a live pig and a chicken, and I’ll take it from there!”

  2. … you think the United Stated Department of Health, whose Congressional mandate is to increase profits for agriculture, is the Gold Standard for nutritional advice.

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